Wednesday 17 August 2011

Nuby Twisty Bugz Teether

The lovely folks at Nuby kindly sent some items for Elizabeth to use and Mymummyspennies to Review. I will be sharing my thoughts on a selection of fantastic Nuby products over the next few weeks and we'll also be having a fabulous giveaway!

The first one I'm going to tell you about has got to be one of my favourite baby play products!

The Nuby Twisty Bugs Teether!

The Twisty Bugz Teether is suitable from 6 months onwards and can be refrigerated to provide soothing coolness to teething gums.

When this arrived I was quite surprised at the look of it. It looked more like an activity toy than a traditional teether. Really It's both!

The Twisty Bugz teether is made up of four bright and fun little activity characters that are all attached to one central ball and twist around in every direction. Each of the four characters are brightly coloured to appeal to little ones eyes and have different textures for babies to chew on. The 'flower' has soft fabric 'petals', the ladybug has harder 'feet' and the bumblebee and fly have knotted string antennae and soft chewable 'wings' filled with purICE gel (which stays cooler for longer than regular water filled teethers). This all combines to give baby a selection of textures and surfaces to chew on and massage painful gums.

As well as the fantastic teething elements of this toy, the bright colours and movable characters all combine to make it a really entertaining toy for a baby. Elizabeth is eight months old and since we have had this she has barely put it down! It goes everywhere with us! Its a handy size to pop in the changing bag to keep her entertained when out and about. The size and shape is ideal for her little hands to hold and the vibrant colours, shapes, and cute little faces really fascinate her! She loves exploring how she can make it move and the different sounds she can make with it!

This is a fantastic all round multi-sensory toy and teether and I can see why it has been awarded gold in the Mother and Baby Awards! Elizabeth really loves it and it keeps her attention a lot longer than other toys we have that are aimed at her age. We have had quite a few different teethers and often she will just get bored and throw them, with the twisty bugz when she gets bored with one aspect of it she just starts playing with a different part!

This really is a must have toy for any teething baby aged six months onwards!

Knowing how much I have paid for other activity toys aimed at this age I was very pleasantly surprised at the price of this! At only £4.99 this really is a 'Mummy Saving' Buy!

The Twisty Bugz teether can be purchased from Nuby online and many other popular retailers.

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  1. This is a good review, I may buy one now xx

  2. I'll definately be buying one now. Seen them in shops but always wondered if they were as good as they look.
    Great review!


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