Friday 8 July 2011

A Week of firsts and frustrations...

 So it's been a bit of a weird week for us this week. I'll start with some good news...we fixed the washing machine.. We think! It's working again (it wasn't the pump apparently!) but making a rather strange noise so it's definately going to be next on the list to replace, but at least it can wait untill we have some spare pennies! (does a mummy ever have spare pennies?!)

This week was two firsts for our three year old Ben. On Tuesday was his first dentist appointment and on Thursday was his first visit to school!!! But as always, nothing goes smoothly for the Mymummyspennies family! Firstly the dentist, I've been visiting the denist on a regular basis recently (getting some damaged veneers replaced while its free on the NHS under maternity exemption!!) So when I've had appointments the grandparents have been kind enough to have the littlle ones and without thinking when Ben has asked where I'm going and why, I have immediately said, 'Mummy's going to the dentist to get her teeth fixed because they're poorly'. Of course when it was Ben's turn to come with me, I was immediately faced with, 'But my teeth aren't poorly Mummy!' So after finally convincing Ben he was going to show the Dentist how beautiful and shiny his teeth were because he cleaned them so well every morning and night, and dropping Elizabeth off at the grandparents, we set off on the tram, getting there with 5 minutes to spare for our 10.35 appointment , I gave our names in to the receptionist and she told us to take a seat. Now I'm used to waiting at the doctors or dentist but you would think wit a three year old they'd keep it to a minimum. To distract Ben we played with the toys and read some books (we discovered a new favourite called 'The Library Lion' that I'll have to find and add to our collection I think!) So all this distracted me aswell, and it wasn't untill my phone beeded to tell me I had a txt that I realised we had been there for 45 minutes! So I went up to the desk and asked if we would be seen soon and they tell me our appointment was actually 11.35, so I get out my appointment card (for once I had it with me!) and It clearly states 10.35. 'It must have been written down wrong, Sorry', she said in such a blase fashion, It made me want to yell! OK maybe it was a mistake, but why didn't she tell me when we got there? Surely it's not normal for people to turn up to an appointment an hour and five minutes early? So this 17 year old probally didn't have kids but surely anyone could understand that it's hard to keep a small child entertaining in a waiting room for that long! If they had at least told me when we got there, I could have taken him to a nearby cafe for a drink and snack.
Anyways, Ben was sitting on a chair watching me intently so loosing my cool was not an option, I just took a deep breth and went back to entertaining him for another 40 minutes before we were finally seen, by which point he was a very bored and frustrated little boy and was fighting the tears...

Luckily mine was just a check up so didn't take too long, and with Ben, the Dentist barely opened mouth, said they were fine and gave him at sticker, before writing on the form 'examination carried out and advice on dental hiegine given.' Ha! So I took Ben to a nearby shop and bought him a fireman sam comic as a reward for being so patient and good. He seemed happy enough by then and was pretty pleased with his sticker, so hopefully he won't remember his first trip to the dentist as a bad experience.

So on to Thursday when we were due to visit Ben's 'Big School!' As you will know when little ones are due to start reception in September they have a visit for half around now, When we went to the parents meeting at the beginninh of June I was gutted to find out this 'visit' was planned for the week we were on holiday! The teacher was lovely and said it wouldn't be a problem 'Ben could go in for the afternoon the following week on Thursay the 30th. But as you may have heard this is when the teachers strikes took place so the school called me up to rearrange and it was planned for this week. After a busy morning we walked Elizabeth round to 'Big Gran's' and set off to the school (which is a good 30 minutes walk from our house as it was our 3rd choice... ). This week has been one of changable weather but even so I was caught by suprise when after leaving our house in basking sunshine as we approached the road the school was in the skys opened and within seconds we were both soaked! So dripping wet we stood at the window to the school office as I explained why we were there. 'Today?' they asked rather suprised but took us down to the classroom anyway where I came to understand the suprise in her voice. There must have been around 100 children in one classroom! The teacher checked the calander and discovered that yes, it was the right day but then explained they had a parents event on so they had 3 classes in one and it wouldn't really be useful for Ben to stay as it was anything but a 'normal' afternoon! So after walking a rather confused Ben around around the 'big' school to show him the lovely pictures on the walls and the toys in the playground, we left with yet another date arranged for next week. Ben didn't seem to mind too much (apart from not wanting to go back out in the rain!) So I hope he just sees it as an introduction to the building and that he enjoys the 'real' visit next week...

And to top it all off when we picked Elizabeth up we discovered one of the wheels on the Pram had a puncture!!! So this after this week today I am definately thinking TGIF! Hopefully next week will be a better one! (And this one would come to a fabulous end if we won £166 million....)

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