Sunday 19 June 2011

Teething Bling - a 'Mummy Saving' buy!

Elizabeth Rose enjoying gumming on her Teething Bling!
As you will know from my previous posts, my little girl is almost seven months old and is teething! :(
I have recently reviewed a beautiful Baltic Amber anklet from the wonderful Dino - Daisy which really seems to have calmed her and helped with the pain (she now only takes it off for baths or swimming!) but she still wants to bite on everything she sees, so I end up with a handbag full of teethers every time I go out! We have so many of them, from the small water filled cooling ones to shaped ones and of course the fabulous sophie the giraffe, but they are always falling on the floor and getting lost, much to my (and my little girl's) dismay! Although teethers are available relatively cheap, when you're having to replace lost ones every week, those pennies really add up :(

When my little monster isn't biting something (usually only when she's feeding!!) she is pulling on things, whether it be my hair, my clothing or my jewellery! Most of you mummies will probably know that when you have a baby your hair gets tied up and all your lovely jewellery gets hidden away in a drawer somewhere! Before I had Ben almost four years ago I used to wear different earrings and necklace's every day, they were as much a part of my outfit as my shoes! But when Ben came along I soon discovered that if I didn't want them being painfully ragged out my ears or from my neck and broken they would have to be left off for a while. I had only just started getting used to wearing my pretty necklaces again when my daughter arrived and they had to be hidden away for a second time!

I recently discovered a fabulous solution to both these problems! The fantastic Teething Bling Pendants from Smart Mum UK! The amazingly simple idea is beautiful pendants for Mummies to wear that look great but are are actually made out of the same material as most teething toys, so are completely safe for baby to chew on! Not only do they allow us Mummies to wear pretty jewellery again, you always have a teether to hand for your baby to chew on that they can't lose as its around your neck!

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review one of these beautiful pendants. When my parcel arrived it felt like Christmas! I couldn't wait to get it open and when I did, I discovered a beautiful organza bag that housed the lovely silver coloured pendant. My first thoughts were, 'What a beautiful gift it would make!' (and I was already mentally buying a selection for my mummy friends' birthdays!) When I took the pendant out and put it around my neck I was very impressed!
Although made from a silicone (that is phthalate and lead free, non toxic, dishwasher safe and FDA approved) it doesn't look cheap or plastically at all. The donut shaped pendant hangs on a simple black silky cord with a break away clasp just in case the little one tugs too hard!

When I went to wake Elizabeth up from her nap her eyes went straight to the pendant and as I picked her up, she immediately grabbed it, pulled it to her mouth and started gumming on it! The size and shape is ideal for little mouths and because of the length of the cord it hangs at a perfect height to allow Elizabeth to play with it while I'm holding her.

The pendant I received is the silver one and I LOVE the colour, it has an antique effect and goes with almost everything! I have been wearing it every day for the last week and it has beautifully complimented every single outfit I have worn! If silver is not your colour the Smart Mum UK website has a choice of 28 different colours, so you could get one to go with every outfit in your wardrobe if you so desired! They also do a range of matching bangles which are great for older babies who have their back teeth coming through! Retailing at just £12.95 for a pendant and £8.95 for a bangle, these are fantastic value and make an ideal gift!

The necklace really helps me feel dressed up again after being without any jewellery for over six months. I have had compliments on it everywhere I go, and even wore it to go to the hairdressers on Friday when I didn't have Elizabeth with me!

The Teething Bling pendant complimenting my purple dress perfectly!

Elizabeth doesn't just love gumming on the pendant, she seems totally fascinated with it and really likes playing with it too. It has become invaluable when feeding her. I breastfeed Elizabeth, and have never had any qualms about doing so in public, however recently it has become quite difficult to do as she is so easily distracted and has started pulling on my top, or the muslin I place over her and then turning her head away, exposing my whole boob to anyone around! Since I have been wearing the Teething Bling she just plays with it while feeding and I get to keep my modesty!

I have to say that I am very impressed with Teething Bling, it is great value and even after only a week of wearing both Elizabeth and I would be lost without it! I really wish they had been around when Ben was teething! I would recommend them to any mummies out there with teething babies who miss their jewellery! It is definitely a 'Mummy Saving' Buy!

Check out Teething Bling on their facebook page here, or on the Smart Mum UK Website and click below to see a video of myself and Elizabeth with the pendant!

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