Friday 17 June 2011

A caravan, a 3 year old and a baby...

Hey Mummies! Sorry I've been so quiet on here this week, its been a busy one! I've been getting sorted for our jollidays! Well I say getting sorted... still lots of packing to do! How do little people need so much? I'm sure each of our little ones are taking more than me and hubby put together! I'm worried there will be no room for us to sleep! It's our first holiday with two little ones so were playing it safe and staying in the UK. Don't think I could deal with entertaining a baby and a 3 year old (not to mention hubby) on a plane! So we'll be driving to the Haven at Hafan Y Mor (near Pwllheli in North Wales) with the two little ones and Nanna! I spent many a family holiday at a caravan park in the nearby Abersoch so i'm looking forward to reliving some childhood memories while we're there! But (rather optimistically) hoping the weather will be better than I remember! ;)

Some lovely companies have kindly sent us some products to make our life easier while we're there. So watch out for reviews on baby food pouches from,, and And as Elizabeth is now ready for a big girl cup for her drinkies (water that is, not her milk, that still comes from the two booby shaped cups attached to me!) we will also be taking some trainer cups from and So if your weaning onto solids or trying to encourage your little one to drink from cups watch this space for the best 'mummy saving buys!'

So although we don't have a flight to cope with, we still have a rather long car journey to get through with a 3 year old and a six month old! Has anyone got any tips to share for keeping the little ones happy on a long journey? Please share as they'll be greatly appreciated...

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