Tuesday 2 October 2018

A Care Package From Care Bears

a care package from care bears

There is nothing like a lovely package of goodies through the post to cheer you up!

As the weather gets colder, bugs and virus start spreading through schools and workplaces and last week I was struck down with the flu and confined to bed a for a few days feeling rather sorry for myself. This made it especially good timing to receive a lovingly put together care package from Flair to help promote their Care Bears range. I was a child of the eighties and I was a major Care Bears fan when I was small so I was delighted to be able to share this long time love with my seven year old daughter!

harmony bear and share bear with mini grimms rainbow

After school she came to give me a get well snuggle and we had a look through the lovely care package. Inside we found the 13" Care Bears Harmony Bear Medium Plush which is available from ASDA, Tesco, Amazon and Debenhams with an RRP of £15.99. This adorable teddy is the perfect size for cuddles and is super soft with a very cute tuft of hair making it even more huggable!

child holding care bear harmony bear and share bear

child holding care bear

Joining Harmony Bear in the box was a smaller but equally as cute Care Bears Cub Share Bear plush which is just 8″ tall and is a perfect as a treat or special gift as it retails at just £7.99 from ASDA and Amazon. The Care Bears Cub plush wears PJs so is all ready for taking to bed and is ideal as a night time cuddly companion for any Care Bears fan!

Just as I thought I had lost my two new Care Bears to my daughter, she spotted something else hiding away in the package! Like a lot of seven year olds, she is a huge fan of Squishies and Squishems at the moment, so she squealed with delight when she saw the pack of Care Bears Squishems!

rainbow of care bear squishems

harmony bear squishems

The pack contains 8 Squishems, 6 of these can be seen through the packaging and another two are mystery figures, hiding behind little white clouds. The Squishems figure pack has an RRP of £14.99 from Amazon, which is less than £2 per figure, great for imaginative play or just creating a rainbow display, these squeezeable figures feature all your favourite Care Bears characters in a fun squishy material!

rainbow of care bears squishems

In addition to the selection from the Care Bears toy range, Flair treated me to all the ingredients for a perfect evening of pampering, including, hot chocolate, a face mask and a beautifully scented candle to relax in the bath with!

I think these Care Bear friends will be very popular this Christmas!

Do you have a favourite Care Bear?

Check out some more images of my #CareBearsCarePackage that I shared over on Instagram:

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