Monday 11 July 2016

Confessions of a Summer Parent...

So the summer holidays are almost upon us and the frantic google searches of how to entertain our children for six weeks have started...

We want something fun, but educational...

Exciting, but inexpensive...

Active, but not too tiring...

Then we have to fit it all in with the playdates, the summer camps, our work, cooking, cleaning and oh yes actually sleeping at some point over the next month and a half!

If it's any consolation, we know that it'll all be over in a flash and September will be here before we know it. Although, actually I know that thought won't help when we're in the middle of what feels like a thirty hour day, we have a todo list as long as our arm and two children whining, 'Muuuuum, we're bored.....', because every single toy in the house has been played with, screen time has been used  up (and some!) and they are fed up of playing outside in the rain...

So here are my top tips (confessions!) of a Summer Parent...

Daddy Jumping in a muddy puddle

1. If you can't beat them, join them! 

They're in their best clothes with no wellies, but they've been eyeing up that giant muddy puddle for the last ten minutes. You may not have any spare clothes with you, and you know that you're going to get the car covered in mud on the way home, but really who can resist a Muddy Puddle? I know my husband can't!

Photo courtesy of Jenny at The Brick Castle

2. Get the kids to do the cooking!

'I'm huuuuuuungry......' Two words every parent will hear about three thousand times each day of the summer holidays. Well why not get them to sort out lunch for a change? Get a ready made Pizza base, pop sweetcorn, peppers, tomatoes and Anchor cheese in to some bowls and let them go crazy! I guarantee you'll get half an hour of peace while they make funny (or rude!) faces, treasure maps or pretty patterns with their lunch! All you'll need to do it pop it in the oven for ten minutes!

little girl washing car

3. Get the kids to earn their keep!

The list of chores will no doubt be getting longer over the summer holidays so why cross a few off while keeping the children busy? Washing the car is a good way of them helping out and is great fun in warm weather too (just don't let yourself get involved in a water fight, well unless you want to!)

Photo courtesy of Jenny at the Brick Castle 

4. If all else fails... Chocolate!!

I'm not one for bribing children as a rule but if helps to keep your sanity then why not reserve treat for negotiation once in a while? Chocolate is so versatile, they'll likely take it in the packet but again if you want to keep them distracted for longer melting it for them to 'bake' something with is usually a good idea. (And don't forget Mum's emergency chocolate hidden in the ironing of course!

What are your tips (or confessions!)  for keeping the kids occupied during the summer holidays?

“This post is an entry for BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor”.

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