Friday 24 June 2016

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Batmobile - Review

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Batmobile in packaging

Like many other eight year olds, my son is a huge Batman fan, so when the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Batmobile arrived for us to review, he was thrilled!

He couldn't wait to get it out of the box and have a play. Inside the box we discovered the zero gravity Batmobile and the remote control that projects the bat symbol. The vehicle itself was a lot lighter than we'd expected, but I guess it has to be to drive on walls and ceilings!

air hogs zero gravity batmobile and remote

At first it was a little confusing as the instructions weren't clear, however we soon figured out that the remote required 6 AA batteries (and a small Philips screwdriver to open the compartment). Once these were installed the Batmobile required charging by plugging in to a small wire that was stored away in the handle of the remote.

how to charge the air hogs zero gravity batmobile

After a little while it was ready to go! Ben was in disbelief when I told him that that the car could climb walls so of course that was the first thing he wanted to do! The walls in the kitchen are the smoothest so we tried it in there, as the walls are painte a light colour, at first the the projected batsymbol was difficult to see, but after closing the curtains, this was resolved and to Ben's amazement, the Batmobile whizzed around the walls to follow wherever he pointed the light! (To watch it in action, see our short video below).

It also worked really well on the wooden floor of the kitchen and Ben loved to send it in a frenzy around the light, not unlike a cat chasing it's tail!

air hogs batmobile climbing up walls

Just like Batman himself, the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Batmobile can speed through the alleys of Gotham, then scale up the walls really to help those in danger! Equipped with the award-winning Wall Climber technology, the Batmobile can race up the walls and even onto the ceiling, driving completely upside down. Five directions of control and infrared sensors allow children to respond to the Bat Symbol when it lights up over the dark streets of Gotham!  

air hogs zero gravity batmobile toy review

Ben loves the Air Hogs Batmobile and has spent hours playing with it, however that is interspersed with charging time and he is limited to rooms with wooden floors and smooth walls such as the kitchen. Big kids seem very impressed by it too as both his uncle joined him for a play at a recent family gathering!

air hogs logo

The AIR HOGS zero gravity Batmobile is available from Amazon and other toy shops and has an RRP of £44.99, however if you shop around, you can take advantage of offers and I've found it for as little as £30, which makes it much better value for money. Ben is 8 which is the lower end of the age range this is aimed at and i'd say that was correct, although a younger child could operate it, quite a lot of patience is needed to get the most out of the toy and younger children may get frustrated with charging time or struggle to aim it correctly.

Check out our quick video below to see the Zero Gravity Batmobile in action:

 We were sent the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Batmobile  for the purpose of this review.

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