Sunday 4 October 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 - Mumsnet Screening Review

This morning we were invited to an exclusive Mumsnet screening of Hotel Transylvania 2 at our local Odeon cinema. Both children have taken after us and developed a love of movies so we try to get to the cinema quite regularly. We'd seen the trailer for this on our last visit and both children loved the sound of it especially as we approach Halloween later this month.

The tale of the movie follows on from the storyline of Hotel Transylvania with all of the original characters and a few new ones to boot, it takes us back to Count Dracula's hotel where Mavis and Jonhny met and we see them get married and have a baby with the support of their family and friends. All ideas of them being different and not meant to be together seem to be forgotten, Johnny has been accepted into the world of monsters and has finally found a place where he fits in. 

But as Mavis and Johnny's young son grows up the question on everyone's lips is, will this sweet ginger haired boy grow his fangs and become a vampire to follow the line of his mother's family or is he 'humany' like his father's side?

The story, although carrying the message of acceptance and tolerance, does so in a fun and gentle way, as with most Adam Sandler films the main theme of the movie is fun and we see lots of comedy moments that can be enjoyed by all ages! We see the familiar characters take on the role of parents but still maintaining who they are and as they deal with the day to day of bringing up a little one, there are plenty of nods to the parents in the audience.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is brought to us by Sony Pictures Animation and you can see their unique style of illustration in it, I found the animation absolutely beautiful, it managed to give the scenes a gently spooky feel while also adding in beautiful extras. I would genuinely love to be able to see it in 3D!

The movie is enjoyable for the whole family, my almost five year old was giggling along and has been talking about the characters for the rest of the day.  It's a lovely way of introducing a Halloween themed movie to younger child that has a different approach to monsters...

Frankenstein Mask

Elizabeth was delighted by the Frankenstien mask she was given while we were waiting for the movie to start and I love this snap of her in 3D glasses, although it only took me a few minutes to realise that despite being handed out the glasses we were in fact watching a 2D version!
The official release date is 16 October 2015 but there seems to be screenings in many cinemas already so check out your local one for show times.

If you can't wait to see it for yourself, check out the trailer here:

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