Friday 26 June 2015

Trutex School Uniform Review

Trutex school uniform review

School Uniform is a necessity, it's the clothing that your children spend most of their days in. You want it to be comfortable for them, to be hard wearing and to last but you don't want to spend a fortune on it. It isn't easy to find a brand that meets all of this criteria. My almost 8 year old, Ben, seems to have a a talent for getting his uniform as filthy as possible during the school day. If it's not mud or grass stains from playing football or cricket, it's white-board marker or his lunch, and last week it was clay!

A few weeks ago we were sent a selection of uniform from Trutex to try out before the end of term. Trutex is a  name that is synonymous with good quality, long lasting school uniform. It's the brand that clothed me during my school days and quite possibly my parents too. In fact this year marks the 150 year anniversary since Trutex first started producing school uniform, then trading as the Clitheroe Shirting Company in Lancashire.

We chose three items of uniform from the extensive selection on the Trutex website, these included the Junior Boys Slim Fit Trousers, a Crew Neck Sweatshirt and a Polo Shirt.  In line with the official school colours these were in grey and red. Although Ben is not quite eight yet he is tall for his age so I opted for age 9 in the trousers and age 9/10 in the tops. 

When the uniform arrived I was immediately impressed with the appearance of it, vibrant colours,  good quality materials and attention to the details. 

The items were all a good fit on Ben, The trousers were a little long but tucked up easily and at the rate he is growing I doubt that would be needed in a few weeks time. The waist of the trousers is elasticated at the back which is different to the adjustable elastics and buttons at the sides that I'm used to but they were a really comfortable fit on Ben and although not loose or slack there is definitely room for growth. The fabric of these trousers is thick and I can see them being hard wearing.

Both the polo shirt and the sweatshirt were a lovely shade of red that complemented the grey perfectly. The polo shirt fabric is named on the website as lacoste knit, i'd not heard of this before but it actually looked almost mesh like but was still as soft as cotton, it looked breathable and like it would be nice and cool in hot summer days (if we get any!)

So first impressions are great but uniform has to survive rough treatment in our house, from climbing trees to playing football and cricket, over the last few weeks this uniform has been through it all and has had the mud and grass stains to prove it. It's been washed and dried multiple times and I am really impressed with the results. The colour has stayed really bright on the red tops and they've kept their shape well. The fabric of the trousers has softened and is less stiff than at first but they have not shrunk and barely show any signs of wear. 

Each time the uniform has been washed, I've been impressed at how easily an array of marks and stains have come clean out.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this uniform from Trutex and although the RRP is slightly more than I would normally pay, looking at the way it has worn so far I can see it lasting a lot longer than the supermarket brands and therefore saving money in the long run. 

To find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform pop over to their website.

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  1. Trutex clothes are grat, they last for years. We've had Trutex trousers that have lasted a teeenager over 18 months because they're so hard wearing and well-made. It's always worth spending a little extra to make a saving in the long run :)

  2. This looks like a great looking uniform....They need to last with little one's don't they :D x


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