Monday 8 June 2015

Schleich DC Comic Figures: Superman vs Darkseid - Review

Our family are big Superhero fans and DC Comics, especially the Justice League are favourites with both our children right now, so they were delighted when we were sent the Superman Vs Darkseid Scenery Pack from Schleich to review. We have reviewed Schleich figures and sets before and have always found then to be excellent quality with amazing attention to detail, these figures are no exception.

The pack contains two figures which stand flat on rock like bases. Superman is posed ready to take flight with his cape flowing freely behind him, his leg is lifted and he has a rather determined look on his face, as he prepares to fight for justice!

The second figure in the pack is one of his most dreaded foes, Darkseid, who stands ready to unleash his powers against the people of Metropolis. 

Darkseid comes from an alien planet called Apokolips.
Superman and Darkseid are bitter enemies. The villain and ruler of Apokolips fights the Justice League of good superheroes by any means. But even if Darkseid is cooking up some cunning plans, Superman manages yet again to see through him and strike back

The detail on both of these hand painted figures is exquisite, they are almost pieces of art rather that just a children's toy and I know many grown up comic book fans who would happily display these as collectors items! 

We, however were ready to play! Elizabeth loved how detailed the figures were and was soon lost in her own little imaginative play world. Never one to let the traditional boundaries of good and bad dictate to her, she had decided that Superman needed to rescue Darkseid and they were flying round the garden on an exciting adventure!
The Superman vs Darkseid Scenery set has a RRP of £15.99 and is available in a number of toy stores including Amazon . A Batman vs Joker set is also available. These figures are suitable for 3+ and are ideal for Superhero fans of all ages!

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