Wednesday 3 June 2015

Destinations on my Travel Wish List

My husband and I share a love of travelling and we have a long list of places we would love to visit together at some point. Although our family holidays have all been in the UK so far we have managed a few trips to Europe as a couple.

Discovering Places Together

Our first holiday together was to Venice when I was three months pregnant with our son. It's a truly beautiful city that has so much culture and romance to offer. From walking through St Mark's Square as the sun was setting to snuggling under a blanket in a Gondola while the elderly gondolier sang to us some of my most cherished memories came from those few days in Italy. This is somewhere that we would love to return to one day and maybe even take the children when they are older.

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Returning As a Couple

There are also places that I have visited on my own that we would love to revisit as a couple; Paris, Berlin and Krakow to name just a few. I was fortunate enough to have managed to spend a few months travelling around Europe in my early twenties and was able to discover some of it's hidden treasures. It was then that I totally fell in love with the Belgium town of Bruges and after regaling him with tales of it's beauty I was able to convince my husband that this is where we should spend our honeymoon. The Flemish capital famed for it's lace did not disappoint and gave us an idyllic start to married life. My highlight has to be the horse and carriage ride that my husband surprised me with on our final day!

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Future Travel Plans

Then there are places we are yet to visit although the list is long and I could happily write and daydream about it all day one of the locations near the top has to be the Croatian City of Dubrovnik. Dubbed by Lord Byron as the pearl of the Adriatic, pictures of this city never fail to draw me in to it's troubled history and characteristic architecture. A dream evening would involve a walk around the ancient city walls followed by a romantic meal overlooking the shimmering Adriatic Sea. My husband tuned 30 last month and I admit to pricing up Croatia flights and wanting to whisk us off for a romantic break to celebrate. Unfortunately life got in the way and it wasn't meant to be this time but I see us walking along the crystal blue waters in the not too distant future.

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What destinations are on your travel wish list? Is there anywhere you've been that you would love to revisit?

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