Sunday 5 April 2015

Making The Flash Easter Egg

Each year at Easter my son's school has an Easter Egg decorating competition and he really enjoys planning and creating his egg. Over the last three years he has kept to a comic book superhero theme, starting with Batman in Year 1, which won him the class prize! Last year he switched from DC to Marvel to create a Captain America themed Egg using Hama Beads to create this iconic shield, the competition was tough though and he lost out to a classmate, so this year he decided to go back to a DC Comic character and chose The Flash AKA Barry Allan!

Ben loves watching 'old school' episodes of the Justice League on Amazon Prime and thinks that having he superpower of super speed is just awesome!

He decided that he wanted to show The Flash rescuing somebody from a burning building so we cut open a cardboard box and painted it blue, then he drew windows on more painted cardboard to create skyscrapers. After I did the 'ucky' part of blowing out an egg, he painted it with two coats of red pain and the left to dry.

We then got some foam shapes from the craft box and cut off the pointed part of the heart to create a 'mask' by sticking on two googly eyes.

A yellow foam square was cut into three lightening bolts, one slightly bigger than the other two which was glued on to a red foam circle.

To make arms and what we would use to write 'Flash' on the front of the scene, we dipped parcel string into red poster paint and left it to dry. A yellow pipe cleaner was used for a belt around the Egg and another to create a lightening bolt. Orange foam cut up to create flames in the 'skyscraper' and a tissue paper trail show the 'steak' where The Flash has run from the burning building.

Although I helped with putting some of his ideas into action, Ben came up with the whole thing and did the majority of the work himself. It was lovely to see his enthusiasm in the project and I was really proud of the finished product.

He was rather confident hen he took it into school to be judged and I have to admit I was worried that he may come home disappointed if he didn't win.

Instead he came home holding his prize of an Easter Egg and very proud that the headmaster had commented on how much he liked it!

Does your child's school host an egg decorating competition? I'd love to hear about their creations if so...

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  1. This is AWESOME! What a creative egg! Thank you so much for linking up to image of the week


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