Sunday 18 January 2015

#Project365 week 3 days 11 to 17

It's week 3 of this years #Project365 and here are my photographs...

Day 11

Today I had a #mummyfail - we took the children into our local town with the promise of spending the vouchers they were given for Christmas, we parked up and walked through the bustling shopping centre to get to the Entertainer... which was closed! I hadn't even thought that shops still closed on Sundays! So instead we popped to Debenhams and I found some bargain John Rocha dresses for Elizabeth and I to wear for my brother in laws wedding in April.

Day 12

Cake! When my husband was ill with pneumonia over the festive period one of the things he was most upset about missing out on was his colleague's famous lemon drizzle cake! She very kindly made a loaf just for him this week and he brought some home to share... It was amazing and I've been nagging him to ask for the recipe every day since!

Day 13

Today was a tough one, especially the journey home so as soon as I got home I decided to treat my self to a delicious chocolate frog!

Day 14

Today is a big day on any bargain hunter's calender, it's the day that any gifts and toys left in the Boots' sale  get reduced even further to 70% off. Many die hard bargain queen's stayed up to the early hours and grabbed some fabulous deals online from Furby's to leappads, as I had to be up for work at 6am, I instead decided to use my lunch hour to pop in to the city centre store and I was rather pleased with my finds!

Day 15
This little cutie pie was a delight on the way home from nursery tonight and it occurred to me that today's date was etched on my mind as the deadline for her primary school application. I submitted the application last week and we'll find out the outcome in three months but I spent this evening thinking about how in eight months time my baby would be wearing a school uniform for the walk home!

Day 16

We did some baking this afternoon and this little one was very pleased with herself! Check out how our Terry's Chocolate Orange brownies turned out here.

Day 17

Today I had a rare treat! A bubble bath without the children! I had an hour with Stephen fry and these rubber ducks for company, it was bliss!

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  1. Lovely pictures and I am also thinking about my Little Miss wearing a school uniform in 8 months time and 8 months time, I would be able to have a bubble bath on my own. ;) xx

  2. I was gutted I forgot the boots sale,I got loads last year.
    Very pretty dresses

  3. Loving your bargains this week especially the dress, it's lovely.

  4. My children bought me a bath bomb for my birthday, and I totally need to take a bath sometime before the next birthday comes around! (And OMG the Lemon Drizzle cake looks gorgeous).

  5. It's weird that The Entertainer shuts on Sundays still isn't it. We went to Banbury on Sunday and it was the only shop in the shopping centre that wasn't open. Bet you enjoyed that pamper time - how many more masks to go? #365

  6. Ah, hope your husband is a lot better, lemon drizzle is my son's fave too.

  7. I hope your husband enjoyed the lemon drizzle cake, it does looks very tasty.

  8. You never think of any shops being closed on Sundays in this day and age, I assume it's because the owner is a devout christian

  9. I love that dress you got. I also looked in boots but think I was too late as it looked like the shelves had been raided!

  10. Ooh I love a good read in the bath! #project365


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