Sunday 9 November 2014

Talking Motherhood with Cussons - #voiceofmums

How would you describe motherhood in sixty seconds?

I was recently asked to do just that by Cussons Mum & Me, who have just launched the #VoiceofMums campaign. They are listening to real mums and want you to join in the conversation.

Cussons realise that being a Mum isn't like it looks in the glossy magazines. In the real world we don't have a make up team on hand to make us look like we've had a full twelve hours, there's no way we'd change our baby on a cream fabric sofa (or in fact own a cream fabric sofa!) and that we're more concerned about wearing clothes that have easy milk access than the latest designer brand...

They've created a really entertaining video with some fellow Mums who sing about their own experiences to the tune of a popular nursery rhyme, it's fun, catchy and will have you singing along in no time!

Luckily (for you!) they did not ask me to sing, however you can watch me sharing my thoughts on motherhood in this quick 60 second video below (excuse my voice as ironically I had the flu when I recorded this!)

In my video I talk about how amazing it is to become a mum but also that it's not all cuddles, smiles and bedtime stories. It is hard work, it involves copious amounts of snot, poop and crying and life is never just about you again.

As you know though, the rewards far outweigh anything else and it's all worth it (in the end!)

Cussons have listened to us real Mums and worked together with over 1200 mothers to come up with their new range which includes the Baby Bath to Comfort Snuggles which is designed to soothe babies' little noses and hopefully help reduce the amount of snot that us Mums have to deal with!

This post has been written in collaboration with Cussons and their #voiceofmums campaign


  1. You got it spot on, men included in our house, they get to become a kid again when they are ill and go off to bed but us mums are made of stronger stuff I think as we do just get on with it. Was fab to see you again at the weekend xx

  2. ha, yup spot on there. I seem to spend half my life cleaning up the bodily fluids of other humans. The things they don't tell you, eh?


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