Friday 28 November 2014

How Travel Habits Have Changed Over the Last 30 Years

James Villas, the leading villa tour operator in the UK celebrate their 30th anniversary this year (It's not just me turning 30 in 2014!) and to commemorate the occasion they commissioned a study into the changing travel trends over the last three decades.

The study of over 2700 Brits uncovered some fascinating insights into how our holiday habits have changed. Back in 1984 a hop over the Channel to France was the second most popular short haul destination, now it's not even in the top three as we favor Italy, Spain and Greece. Our tastes have changed when we are thinking further afield too, Australia has overtaken the United States as the most wished for long haul destination.

The way we book our holidays has changed too. Do you remember the days when high streets were full of travel agents? You'd go in and grab a selection of brochures to browse though, then return and book your trip. These days 72% of us book our travels online and 42% check out reviews on TripAdvisor before deciding on our destination.

One of the things that has led these changes is our increasing reliance on technology.  You don't need me to tell you how much we have become dependent on our technological possessions. I imagine that the majority of you are reading this on a smartphone or tablet! A third of those questions admitted that they could not take a holiday without their mobile phone and the average person will check theirs 4.5 times a day when on holiday!

It's good to know that some things just don't change. Today just as thirty yeas ago the British holiday goers most most important holiday essential is a good old paperback book!

You can read about some more interesting changes in the below infographic.

30 Years of Experience In The Travel Industry - Infographic

James Villa Holidays - 30 Years of Travel Infographic

So do you agree with those questioned? Is a private pool your ultimate holiday luxury? Do you still pack a paperback or do you enjoy your holiday reads on a kindle?

I've really enjoyed reading about the research and just how much holidays have changed in my lifetime. I wonder how things will look in another thirty years time? Will we be taking our trips even further afield do you think?

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  1. That was really interesting me myself just having a pool is great even if everyone else has to share it! I am defo a technology lover too.


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