Wednesday 12 November 2014

Cheap Ways to Achieve a Better Looking Garden

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding activity and many people take great pride in having beautiful and well-kept gardens. However, not all of us can afford to have bubbling fountains and intricate statues adorning their lawns. You don't need to let that hold you back from creating a beautiful outdoor space. Garden landscaping can be done on a tight budget if you know where to look and what resources to utilise. 

I've gathered together some top tips for achieving a better-looking garden on the cheap...

Choosing an easy garden project means that you can do it yourself and this will make it much more cost effective. As long as you have some basic gardening skills and know the difference between a trowel and a fork you should be able to make some impressive changes to your garden.

As you go along you will gain more confidence in your abilities so take the easy steps first and endeavour to complete the harder parts of your project once you have some experience under your belt. Also be prepared to work hard and get dirty, as this is the nitty gritty part of gardening!

Look for the best deals and even freebies everywhere you can. Being on a budget doesn't mean there are certain things out of your price range; it just means you have to be savvier about where and when you shop. It is a great idea to buy in bulk to get a discount, so do this wherever possible.

For bigger installations, consider buying second hand from a reputable source - prior use may even give the piece a shabby chic or vintage look.

Get advice from a garden centre about the sturdiest and most sustainable plants and flowers available so you are not constantly repurchasing and replanting your garden after a harsh winter.

In the same vain, think about shopping for your supplies off-season. This is when tools, gloves and even plants are at their cheapest as demand has fallen; it’s basic economics! Again make sure to be savvy as some of the plants that will be in stores during the winter may not be in the best condition-look them over thoroughly for any discolouration or drooping before buying.

You may be able to get mulch and other such materials for free from your council or from people you know, and where possible, try and collect clippings to cheaply sustain your greenery.

A great way to get more bang from your buck when it comes to gardening is to plant edible items. Growing your own vegetables and fruit means that you will get some return on the seeds or plants you have bought, and hopefully you can take the seeds or a clipping and grow them again and again! Growing your own food in a kitchen garden is also a great way to reduce waste and eat healthily.

It's not just edibles that can be reused, it's true of other plants and flowers too; the seeds or bulbs can be reused to make your garden project cheaper in the long run.

Framing your garden with a well-finished and well-constructed fence can make all the difference to its overall aesthetics. Visit Buy Fencing Direct to browse a diverse range of fairly priced and good quality fences that will suit your garden's style. Remember to consider how much land you will be covering when considering what fence to buy so you have an idea of what the total cost will be; a wider fence that is more expensive per panel may be cheaper overall as less will be needed, so make sure to keep these calculations in mind.

Decorations can be a fun and cheap way to liven up your garden. You can make your own or buy from a number of places. Sources of inspiration are everywhere, from pictures on Pinterest to numerous articles depicting the best of other people’s efforts, so be sure to get creative to add a unique spin to your garden whilst keeping costs down. Why not include your children and get crafty together?

Remember to keep up with the up keep! This is a very cheap way to make your garden look better!

Make sure you have no old and unused junk lying around, cluttering up your space and regularly remove weeds from any flowerbeds, mow your lawn when possible etc. in order to keep your garden groomed and respectable. This may involve negotiating with your neighbours to ensure any overhanging bushes from their gardens are dealt with, but these measures will be worth it when you see the difference it makes to your garden.

As you can see, anyone can refurbish their garden with minimal costs if they put in the right amount of effort and dedication.

Get started as soon as you can and get a plan of action underway.

Good luck!

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