Friday 7 November 2014

A Sweet treat with #AngelDelightMoments

Angel Delight is a pudding that’s been around for many years, since 1967 in fact! It's known for being an instant pudding that's fun to make as well as eat. Many of us will have grown up with these blue paper sachets in our kitchen cupboards.

Does the familiar packaging of Angel Delight bring back any childhood memories for you? 

For me it takes me back to days spent with my Nanna when I was about 7 or 8 during the school holidays. As my mum was a single parent, summer childcare meant me spending the days with my grandparents. I loved helping her with the household chores; folding sheets, dusting and digging up potatoes in the garden but most of all I loved the time we spent together in the kitchen. Now my Nanna was no culinary expert but I have very fond memories of kneeling on a dining room chair pulled up against the kitchen counter wearing a frilly pinny she had made for me out of old clothes and helping her in the kitchen. There may well have been more to our repertoire but the 'recipes' that come to mind are cherry scones, coconut macaroons and Angel Delight!

It's been over twenty years since these days and almost ten since I lost my dear grandmother, but I look back and I can see us clear in my mind, working as a team mixing the ingredients together while she told me tales of her schooldays. I a so lucky to have shared these moments with her and I treasure the memories.

Now I'm a mother and my children spend time baking in the kitchen with their own Nanna, I hope they have such memories of it in the future too.

The new Bubblegum flavour of this pudding launched in Tesco last September, and can be used to make either a the traditional instant dessert of our childhood, or ice cream can be added to make a bubblegum flavoured milkshake. Although I like to keep an eye on my children's sugar intake, everyone likes a treat now and again and I like that the Bubblegum flavour Angel Delight is made only using natural colourings and is also suitable for vegetarians.

We were sent a couple of packets from Britmums to try out and decided to make a sundae style desert with hidden treats at the bottom, what do you think of our creation? 

The children both really enjoyed making it and it reminded me of those precious days sharing the kitchen counter with my beloved Nanna many years ago.

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  1. Lovely memories from then and now. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. Haven't had Angel Delight for years!

  3. Used to love Angel Delight as a kid - Must try again now after reading this!

  4. I occasionally buy it for my boys.

  5. I love Angel Delight and have it with sugar free jelly :)

  6. Oh Angel Delight! I had no idea you could still get it! Off I go to find some for the kiddies to make :)

  7. We love Angel Delight in our house! When I was about 5 years old I chocked on a bit of pork chop and for 6 weeks I refused to eat anything but chocolate Angel Delight!

  8. I haven't has angel delight in years! Need to try the bubblegum one!

  9. I absolutely love Angel Delight but I've never tried the bubblegum flavour, will have to look out for it!


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