Sunday 2 November 2014

A Fun Filled Murder Mystery Evening

A few weeks ago I joined a group of local bloggers at the Renaissance Hotel, Manchester to take part in a Murder Mystery Evening hosted by Joe Bloggs Blogger Network and BGO

I've got to admit I didn't really know what to expect, I've heard of friends having fun at 'Whodunnit' style evenings and weekends but wasn't sure if it was really my scene. I couldn't say no to an evening out with some of my best fiends though so I dolled my self up and got ready for a laugh!

The evening started off with a glass of fizz while we chatted and mingled; I had no idea there were so many local bloggers I'd not met before!

After being led into the main room and seated at the tables we were suddenly disturbed by dramatic scene where a smartly dressed gent staggering into the room and collapsing in front of us, we we're unsure at first of the cause of death although I did hear a few suggest maybe he died of 'overacting' but we we're soon informed that Lord John had been murdered and it was down to us to find out who the culprit was... Dun Dun Dun!!

While we were told about the suspects and given some clues about their motives and whereabouts while we were served a delicious three course meal.

It was a really enjoyable evening with free flowing drinks, good company and hilarious entertainment from the actors who played Sherlock Holmes and PC World, we could be as involved as we wished, trying to unravel the clues or just enjoying the show. 
The lovely Grumpyishmum and Hodge Podge Days busy investigating the clues!

The evening gave me a great introduction to the concept of the Murder Mystery and I would definitely be up for attending something similar in the future...

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