Friday 15 August 2014

Back to School Crafting with Sainsbury's

We love the summer holidays, full of days out, quality family time and crafting. but it's not long until the school term starts again and we have o get back in to the routine again...

A couple of weeks ago a exciting parcel full of craft supplies arrived on our doorstep and both Ben who will be seven next week and moving up to juniors in September and his little sister Elizabeth who is excited about Pre school couldn't wait to get started. Sainsbury's had sent us a selection of their Get Creative craft range to get crafty along the back to school theme.

I spoke to Ben about returning to school in September and asked him what he was looking forward to the most. He started off telling me how exciting it wold be going in to the juniors and how he would be one of the big boys now and would have to be very good to set and example to the younger children and hep them in they were sad. He told me all about the new play ground he would get to play football on and his new classroom, but the thing he was most excited about was lunch time! (Yes he is his father's son!)

It was not just the food he was looking forward to but the time socialising with his friends, chatting about turtles and Skylanders and sharing stories of the exciting adventures they'd got up to over the summer. He couldn't wait to tell them about going camping with the scouts where he helped to make bivvies and cook dinner on an open fire!

Soon though we were back to food and he was talking about what his favorite packed lunches were. Although many children will be changing to hot dinners this September due to the introduction of free meals for infant children, Ben will still be taking  his 'mini picnics' as he calls them.

We decided to make a crafty version of his favourite lunch!

Using a selection of the Sainsburys craft supplies that we had been sent we created a super healthy packed lunch, including...

An Apple

Carrot sticks with hummous

Orange juice

and Ben's favourite; Cheese, lettuce and tomato Sandwich!

Ben cut pieces of coloured craft foam up into shaped to represent bread, cheese, tomato and lettuce and then using coloured pipe cleaners he joined them all together.

We decided that it looked like a book so Ben used felt tips and glitter pens to write the names of each ingredient on the foam and create a mini sandwich book.

Both he and Elizabeth have since spent lots of time playing with the book they made!

So simple, yet great fun!

We also used some of the other craft supplies to create 3D Elsa picture, make our own boardgame and a star mosaic.

I was really impressed with the quality of the art supplies from the Sainsbury's get creative range and they have given us all hours of fun!

Have you been chatting to your children about going back to school? What are they looking forward to the most?

We were sent these craft items free of charge and a gift card for taking part in the challenge.

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