Tuesday 1 July 2014

TalkTalk unveils brand new TV player

Over the last few months that we've been part of the Talk Talk family blogger network I've grown to really appreciate the convenience of the Talk Talk player. We don't watch a lot of TV in our house but when we do, it tends to be at times to suit us rather than fitting in with the broadcasting schedule, so I love how easy the TalkTalk player makes it for us to watch what we want to when we want to!

New TalkTalk Player

The slick new TalkTalk player is the home of on-demand movies and entertainment and also offers a movie rental service. Which is ideal for those Saturday evenings where you want to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie but can't decide what to go for...

TalkTalk Box Office now includes more of the latest blockbusters with new movies being added every week, often on the same day as the DVD release!
You can rent your favourite films from just £4 for 48 hours, which is ideal if a cozy night in with your other half ends up being interrupted by a little one who just can't get to sleep. You can simply carry on watching the following evening!

TalkTalk Box Office - The Hobbit on demand

We've made use of the TalkTalk Box Office a few times, for just £4 and the cost of a few ingredients, we've enjoyed a 'date night' at the movies with homemade pizza, popcorn and no need for a babysitter! An ideal way to spend quality time on a tight budget.

Another aspect of the new player that i'm impressed with is the included channels feature. I don't know about you but I often forget what channels are included in my TV package which can result in one of two things while I'm flicking through the guide trying to decide what to watch. Either reading up about a programme that I really like the sound of, only to find that we don't get that channel, or completely missing out on shows that I would really enjoy as I don't realise that we do get them!

This new feature means that I can now clearly see what is included in my package and what I would need to pay if I wanted something extra! There's no chance of me (or my 6 year old) accidently purchasing anything because our PIN number would need to be entered first.

A few other features available on the new TalkTalk Player are:

  •   Powerful search: Find a movie by searching by title, actor, director or keyword
  •   Watchlist: Save movies and shows to watch at another time
  •   More like this: Find similar programmes to your favourite shows
  •   Play all: Press the green button to play every episode in a series back to back
  •   Most popular: Your favourite shows and movies in one place
  •  Currently watching: If you need to leave a programme half way through, head to the ‘currently watching’ section to return to the exact point where you left off

Tristia Harrison, Managing Director for Consumer at TalkTalk commented: “YouView from TalkTalk is fast becoming a destination for family entertainment and our all-new TalkTalk Player offers more of the best TV and movies at a cost viewers can control. We've made our on-demand movies, kids and Sky entertainment library bigger than ever and the TalkTalk Player is faster, and smarter, making it easier to find shows and films you want to watch."

Roll out of the new player began on 11th June with the service being available to all TalkTalk TV home by the 17th of June.

Are you a TalkTalk TV customer? What do you think of the new player? Are there any features that you've noticed that I've missed?

This post was written as part of our role as TalkTalk Family Bloggers.

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  1. I love the idea of 'currently watching' and 'play all' - although play all would be overused by our teenagers and drive us bats. We never watch TV 'as it happens', and Sky is so expensive, we're seriously considering the Talk Talk box :)


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