Tuesday 8 July 2014

Join the Loom Band Craze with a FREE kit!

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Have you heard of Loom Bands? If you have children over the age of four I'm guessing that you probably have! If not let me give you a brief introduction... 

What are Loom Bands?

Loom Bands are small plastic bands in bright colours that you are soon going to start finding everywhere... Yes, everywhere, so far I've discovered them in my cereal, in the bath and inside my favourite book!

Apart from popping up all over your home they also have a purpose, which is to be weaved into  colourful bracelets. This can be done either on a plastic loom or on your fingers, thanks to youtube tutorials, using a fork to weave them has become quite popular too!

Designs range from really simple bracelets to much more complex and extravagant, I've even seen Disney characters made out of them!

loom bands

The craze has even taken the celebrity world by storm with the likes of David Beckham and even Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge spotted wearing the colourful Loom Bracelets.

Don't be fooled by the bright colours and idea of bracelets, loom bands are a great activity for both girls and boys!

black and white fishtail loom bands

My six year old son enjoys watching youtube tutorials and searching Pinterest then being creative with the bands, I think it's a great activity to help improve fine motor skills and encourage independence, especially for children like Ben who is Dyspraxic and has Hypermobility.

So Do You Want to get Some Free Loom Bands?

One of the great things about this Loom Bands is they are really cheap activity, you can realistically get started with just one pack of around 600 bands and 10 s clips that you can by in many shops for just £1!

If you fancy getting really serious though you can get a complete kit including a storage box, a plastic loom board, 2000 loom bands and 25 s clips as well as some instructions to get you started for just £9.99!

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What is even better is if you join TopCashBack today you can get this kit Free of charge!

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  • This offer is open to new TopCashback members only.
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  • Offer runs from Tuesday 8th July at 10am until Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 23:59. 


  1. RollercoasterMumTuesday, July 08, 2014

    Great deal - thanks for sharing. We already have some little bags of bands from the works but my girls were desperate for a storage box and loom board :)

  2. Thanks for this I have just ordered some for E as he has been wanting to try them out! That will keep him busy over the summer :D

  3. I ordered this last night but I don't think it has worked as it has only given me £1.26 cash back. Good job I wanted it anyway as I nearly bought it in the shop the day before!

  4. Yeah I only got £1.35 on the night i did it, not received any other cash back.. :(


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