Saturday 8 March 2014

#Project365 Week Ten

Day 61

On Sunday we spent the morning visiting family, came home to do some Hama Bead crafting which the children really enjoyed. It was the first time my 3 year old Elizabeth had had the concentration to complete a peg board and this rainbow star was her finished creation! As well as having fun, we counted with the beads and identified the colours. A really great Sunday afternoon!

Day 62

Elizabeth has misplaced her favourite bedtime companion a few days ago so when I sorted out some washing and came across the missing soft toy, snowy the dog, I couldn't resist popping in and reuniting them. This photograph is also significant as it is the last time that Elizabeth has gone to sleep with Dodi!

Day 63

Today was Shrove Tuesday so we made pancakes! They were yummy!

Day 64

Tomorrow is #Worldbookday and Elizabeth was meant to be the frog from Room on the broom but her costume didn't arrive on time, so Mummy had to sort something last minute! I turned her Hama Bead star from Sunday into a wand, made a bow for her hair, cut a cape out of an old cardi of mine and put it over her halloween costume... Ta da! She was now Witch from Room on the broom! We had a quick practice tonight and she was all ready for tomorrow!

Day 65

Today I took a half day leave from work and came home to bake! I am hosting a charity bake sale in the office tomorrow so need to bake up a storm!

Day 67

Today was the bakesale for #teamhonkrelay! I am thrilled to say that we raised £144 taking the Team Honk total to over £22k!!! Amazing! You can help add to to it here.

Day 68

After Ballet this morning we went round to visit the grandparents and Elizabeth helped Daddy wash the cars, however I think she got a bit confused and thought she was having a wash, she was dripping wet from head to toe!!

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  1. Lovely week with some gorgeous photos of Elizabeth. The Bake Sale was amazing, you did so well xx

  2. chantelle hazeldenSaturday, March 08, 2014

    Well done on the bake sale, wish I could have bought & eaten one of the cakes!!

  3. Loving the car wash picture, so cute and funny. I'm sure mine would have tried to climb in

  4. Great pictures - I love your bowl for pancake mixing and the cakes look heavenly. Great improvising on the witch outfit - hurrah for a rainbow star to hand. We will be back on the Hama beads this week I think! I must get mine onto car-washing - maybe just before their own bath time!

  5. disqus_dIRjNoslspSunday, March 09, 2014

    Fab photo's Jen! Your weeks looks to have been great fun. Well done on the fund raising. That cake looks delicious! x

  6. Love the Room on the Broom wand, and the cakes look delicious -well done on raising so much money!

  7. Those cakes look very yummy


I love to read your comments, thank you for sharing your thoughts.