Tuesday 4 March 2014


I'm sure you know what you need to make pancake batter, but just in case...

For around 6 large pancakes you will need...
1 large egg 
½ pint milk
4oz plain flour
1 tbsp melted butter
And to create your yummy Shrove Tuesday treats....
Sift the flour into a large bowl (this a fun and easy bit for children to help with, although they *may* end up getting covered in flour!) 
Make a well in the centre and crack the egg into it.
Pour in some of the milk and start whisking!
Continue to whisk to a thin, cream like consistency, while adding in the rest of the milk and the melted butter
Cover and rest in the fridge for around thirty minutes before the really fun part begins!!
How to cook your pancakes...
I hate burnt pancakes so find the best way to avoid burning them is to make them really thin...
After wiping a little oil onto a frying pan and heating, pour in a thin layer of batter, swirling around so it covers the base of the pan, then pour out any excess batter.
Place pan back on heat for around a minute and then it's time to show off your FLIPPING SKILLS!!
Heat the other side for around a minute, then pop on to a plate and repeat 5 times.
Add on the toppings of your choice, and ENJOY!

Happy Shrove Tuesday!!

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  1. Carolynne @ Mummy EndeavoursWednesday, March 05, 2014

    I make them exactly the same as you! We love pancakes in our house yet we hardly ever make them, it's funny because there's nothing stopping us from having them at any other time lol! I buggered the first one up though last night which my daughter had to eat because she was going to gymnastics bless her. I made her some better ones when she got back :)


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