Friday 28 February 2014

Carcraft LEGO 'Movie' Challenge...

We love LEGO. You may have noticed...

I say we and I really do mean all of us; my husband, my three year old daughter AND myself not just my 'age appropriate' six year old son!

At the weekend we all went to the cinema to see the LEGO Movie and it was a huge hit, although I've had 'Everything is Awesome' in my head all week and *may* have been caught singing it at the bus stop the other day. If you've seen the movie i'm sure you'll sympathise!

So anyway I'm telling you all of this so you will understand that when the folks at Carcraft got in touch to ask if we wanted to get involved in their latest challenge, to create a LEGO action scene with our kids, we not only shouted "YES" at the tops of our voices we knew we had to theme it around the movie!

We were given a selection of sets to choose from and Ben decided on the LEGO City Coast Guard 60012: 4x4 & Diving Boat. When it arrived he couldn't wait to put it together and as an experienced LEGO constructor he needed very minimal assistance with this set that is aimed at 5 - 12 age range The set once constructed consisted of a jeep with trailer, a lifeboat and two mini figures with some accessories. It had great play value as a toy once constructed and Elizabeth and Ben played nicely together with boat rescuing the car and then vice versa (!) 

One of the things I love about LEGO is how versatile it is as both a toy and a learning tool. While following instructions to build up a set Ben is problem solving, and using his fine motors skills (something that he struggles with due to dyspraxia) when he creates buildings and other things to play a part in his scene he is using his imagination, and when and his sister (or Daddy) act out the scene they are working together as a team. 

So it was time for the challenge... Ben was recently lucky enough to win the The LEGO Movie 70802: Bad Cop's Pursuit set in a competition on The Entertainer facebook page and he was very impressed that this set included LEGO crocodiles as well as minifigures of Emmett and Bad Cop from the movie, so he decided to utilise some of this set along with some bricks from our big ol' box of 'bog standard LEGO' too. Here's what we came up with. I like to think of it as a possible out-take from the movie, with a guest appearance from the coastguard....

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed our comic strip, we've all enjoyed creating it especially Ben, so it's an activity I can see us repeating soon!

We were sent the LEGO City Coast Guard 60012: 4x4 & Diving Boat free of charge for the purpose of this post.We are entering this post into the Carcraft LEGO challenge and the best entry, as judged by Carcraft, will win a further lego set worth up to £100!


  1. Hoping they manage to catch him again!

    Good luck

  2. Nooo! Emmet is the good guy we want him to get away! Bad cop is working for evil Lord Business trying to take over the universe! ;)

  3. What a cool set! I think my husband would play quietly with this for absolutely hours!!

  4. That is sooooo cool! My son is 13 and still loves his lego! He uses it to make stop motion videos. I love how creative you can get with it at any age.

  5. The explorer's mum!Friday, February 28, 2014

    Isn't lego just amazing; this set looks fab. We saw the lego movie on monday for our son's Birthday and I've had 'Everything Is Awesome' in my head all week. Downloaded it from itunes and have been listening to it non-stop!

  6. That's fantastic! My girls are desperate to see the Lego movie, really must get to the cinema soon!

  7. oh well done! we did this comp as well ;-)

  8. That's excellent. Well done Ben! Great storyline and I like the way the Coastguard rescued him from Bad Cop. (The movie is definitely awesome). Best of luck! :)

  9. Fantastic, that looks like great fun xx

  10. Love it!! Good luck with the comp! We are huge LEGO fans too. (Well, Duplo for the babies)!

  11. Raimy GreenlandSunday, March 02, 2014

    hehe this is awesome! I love lego too - and I'm a 25 year old with no small children so I can see where you're coming from when you say you all love it! Good luck with the comp! x

  12. Great work Ben, we're excited to see the movie!


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