Thursday 19 December 2013

Favourite family TV clips that sum up Christmas

A few years ago, Christmas TV was something of a novelty, seen simply as fun festive follies created by brands keen to present their products to the world at this crucial time of year.

But recently the Christmas TV clip has evolved. Gone are the quaint, low budget commercials, replaced by ever more cinematic, big budget and extravagant films, filling us with huge amounts of festive spirit and anticipation for the big event.

So with that in mind and with the big day itself fast approaching, this is the perfect time to take a quick look back at some of our favourite family TV clips from years gone by.

Coca Cola

For many of us, Christmas doesn’t really being until we switch on the TV to hear those bells followed by the famous lines “Holidays are coming!”

In fact, the much-used ad has recently been voted the public’s favourite, with 22% of those asked saying that this festive Coca Coal delivery signals the start of Christmas for them.

CocaCola Christmas TV Advert

By Maximus_W via Flickr

Though it was briefly dropped by the soft drinks giant in 2001, Coca Cola’s festive ad returned to screens in 2007 due to overwhelming public demand and many leading supermarkets sell festive bottles of the popular drink throughout the winter period.


Though it’s barely been released, Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day has already got the critics, the newspapers and families up and down the country well and truly into the Christmas spirit.

The film – which was made by Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald – is a compilation of home video clips, all shot on the 25th December 2012. The result is an epic, heart-warming ad that encapsulates the true meaning of Christmas in a modern world.

All you have to do is watch the video to be catapulted into Christmas, complete with festive cheer and goodwill to all men.

Sainsburys Christmas in a day TV Advert

Yellow pages

First aired way back in 1997, this classic Christmas ad tells the story of a young boy who’s not quite tall enough to kiss the girl under the mistletoe.

Luckily the Yellow Pages are on hand to provide those vital extra inches and the hero gets his kiss.

Everything about this ad sums up the feeling of Christmas. The set is straight out of a Victorian fairy tale and the roaring fire makes the whole scene feel warm, safe and incredibly cosy.

Quality Street

Even before the Yellow Pages were inspiring young love across the country, Quality Street were giving us a few memorable festive moments of their own, most famously with their 1989 Magic Moments advert.

The song alone is enough to bring back a host of heart-warming Christmas memories, and what festive table is complete without a nice big box of chocolates to dig into when Christmas dinner is done?

Irn Bru

Though most Christmas adverts try to find a unique take on the festive period, Irn Bru’s version of The Snowman took a well-established Christmas favourite and made it their own.

This humorous ad may not sum up the true meaning of Christmas like Sainsbury’s recent offering but it does bring a smile to the face at the same time as using the classic Snowman music to evoke feelings of childhood, snow and magic.

Iron Bru snowman Christmas TV advert

Every year Christmas adverts seem to become more elaborate, more evocative and more exciting, and waiting for the first ads to hit our screens has now become a festive tradition in its own right.

So if you’re enjoying the current crop of festive films, why not take a few minutes out of your day and watch some of the best Christmas TV around – including Sainsbury’s full length film?

You’re guaranteed to be full of Christmas cheer before you know it.

Guest post in association with Sainsbury's

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