Monday 9 December 2013

Family Film Night - #TheCroods Pre Release Review

As you know we love our movie nights, Any excuse to crack open the popcorn, snuggle together on the sofa and enjoy a family film!

The Croods DVD Review

This weekend we were very lucky to have been sent a copy of The Croods on DVD before it's release date of 9th December 2013, yes that's today!

Although we never got a chance to see this when it was out at the cinema, I've heard very good things about this movie that comes from the makers of both Shrek and Madagascar, so we were looking forward to watching!

On Friday evening we were all feeling under the weather so what better way to cheer us up than have a move night? As a U rated film the Croods is suitable for all ages so the four of us snuggled up together and got ready to watch...

As the movie begins we are introduced to The Croods by the central character Eep, a rebellious teen cave-girl who is fed up of her family in the Stone Age and the strict rules her father Grug lays down. They start out with the whole family packed into a small dark cave. As well as Eep and her father, this includes Mum Ugga, brother Thunk, baby Sandy and their elderly Gran.

We follow this quirky family as the the world around them changes forever and they have to learn to change the way they live in order to survive.

They are helped on this journey by their new friend 'Guy' (voiced by by Ryan Reynolds) and his rather dramatic pet sloth 'Belt' who show the Croods that the life they were used to was (in the words of Eep)...'not living, just not dying'.

The film was full of fun slapstick moments that had our whole family laughing along and both my three year old and six year old were captivated by the colourful characters and their adventures as they searched for a wonderous place called tomorrow. As well as Guy and Belt, the family encounter an exciting array of animals on their journey from the Macawnivore to Piranhakeets.

It was warming to see the development and evolution of the characters throughout the film, especially to see the Cave-man father, Grug change from living in fear of the unknown to embracing new ideas, even coming up with a few of his own, my favourite of which was the 'hug' ( which rhymed with Grug of course! )

The overwhelming message of the movie was hope and it was portrayed in a way that appealed to all ages, from my 3 year old Elizabeth who clapped with excitement, to my 29 year old self who wiped a few tears from my eyes along the way.

The father-daughter relationship between Eep (played by Emma Stone) and Grug (played by Nicolas Cage), echoed that of many families and certainly pulled some heartstrings with me.

This is a fun and lighthearted family movie that will make a great Christmas gift and can be purchased from today for just £10 on DVD or £15 on Blu-Ray, it one that I'm sure our family will be watching time and time again!

Mumsnet and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment kindly sent us a copy of The Croods on DVD for review before its release on DVD and Blu-Ray on 9th December 2013. All opinions are our own.

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