Monday 25 November 2013

Inspired by a shower

If you follow my social media channels you will know that we have recently been looking at houses to buy. I have well and truly had enough of renting and can't wait to have a house that I can be creative with and fill with beautiful design.

One of my favourite rooms in a house is the bathroom. It's my sanctuary, where I go to escape 'Mummy life' and relax, whether that be for an hour in a hot bubble bath or ten minutes in the shower. When we have our own place the bathroom will be the first room I will transform and for me it's all in the detail...

I've been  looking at mixer showers, which are both elegant and functional. They can also make you feel great!

As well as being good for you, they can be installed as part of a total bathroom renovation or independently with just a few alterations. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to get creative visually with this new addition to the bathroom.

simple bathroom shower

You deserve the best

You may have the most beautiful looking bathroom but while all of this may be pretty, it’s pretty useless if your shower is not up to much.

A good shower is powerful with a consistent supply of water and can be set at exactly the temperature you want. If you’re thinking about making some changes in your bathroom, why not upgrade to a mixer shower from Mira Showers?

This type of model fulfills so many bathing needs. It not only cleans thoroughly unlike dribbly showers but also massages and pampers which is what most of us need at the end of the day.

large head mixer shower

Decades of experience

I always think that the best advice for anyone renovating or decorating is to make a bee-line for the experts. You save time and potentially money by dealing with the most experienced professionals in the required line of work.

Mira Showers are definitely experts on bathrooms. They have developed their products over nearly 100 years to be some of the most state-of-the-art out there so they are worth checking out.

Mixer Shower

In terms of installation mixer showers are pretty flexible. As the name suggests, they take water from both hot and cold water supplies and mix them to the temperature you desire.

One advantage is they can be installed nearly anywhere. Some work best with low-pressure water systems and some with high. Others can be adapted to whatever is available.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that installation complies with any building regulations.

New bathroom look

Now for the fun part; when you install your mixer shower, you’ll probably want to replace your shower curtain with a shower enclosure. This is because spray is so much more powerful than with a normal shower that you need something sturdy to stop it from spraying all over the bathroom.

Shower enclosures come in clear, frosted or patterned glass and can be frameless or stand within a frame. Both types have pros and cons so you need to have a good look at what is available and decide what will best suit the appearance of your bathroom.

Mira shower modern grey design

Installing a mixer shower is an opportunity to look at your bathroom and see if it is time for any cosmetic changes – and have fun with it! Hard to believe that a simple shower could have such a knock on effect but it does and by upgrading you could create an elegant and functional bathroom with mixer showers.

In collaboration with Mira Showers.

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