Saturday 12 October 2013

Finders Keepers...

Is there any better feeling than that of finding something you'd lost and never thought you'd see again? Or didn't know you had?

Like when you break out your winter coat and find a five pound note in the pocket? Or route out a handbag you haven't used for a while and find your favourite lippy that you were sure had been lost forever?

Today I had that very experience abc it made me feel rather warm and fuzzy so I thought I'd share it with you...

Earlier today we decided to have a sort out of some boxes from under the bed, one of those boring chores that we had been putting off a while, well a bit longer than a while if I'm honest, they hadn't been touched since we moved in almost two years ago, oops! I guess it's out of sight out of mind with things like that, I tend to concentrate on tidying the mess I can see! 

After riffling through three large boxes, amoung what felt like hundreds of out of date coupons, old magazines and god knows what else (me hoard? Never!) I found an envelope with something inside....

It was a Next gift card I'd been given for my birthday over two years ago!I vaguely   remembered not being able to find it at the time, but then it had slipped my mind completely and I'd forgotten all about it until today! My initial delight was a soon met with disappointment when I read the small print which stated the credit would expire 24 months after last use or balance check.... 

How annoying, to think that I had found something then have it taken away again like that. Knowing that it must have been in that box for at least 24 months I didn't hold out much hope when I typed the numbers in the website, but low and behold a credit of £25 appeared on the screen in front of me! 

How exciting! I know £25 at Next isn't much, but our bank account has been looking rather bare this month after we had to replace our washing machine rather unexpectedly, so just the idea of having something to spend on myself was rather lovely! A mummy treat!

I of course went straight to the clearance section and soon found this lovely black spotty dress...

It's just my style and I'm looking forward to it arriving! It will be perfect to wear when I attend the Next Blogger Workshop in London at the end of the month...

Have you discovered anything that you thought you'd lost recently? I'd love to here what you have found that made you smile?


  1. disqus_dIRjNoslspSunday, October 13, 2013

    Lovely looking Dress Jen and bonus, you found the gift card to cover it! Always good to find things you thought you's lost! x

  2. Manchester Flik ChikSunday, October 13, 2013

    What a fortunate find! The dress looks pretty versatile too like you could wear it with tights and boots for A/W as well as nights out.

  3. Lovely dress. Just right for you. What a lovely surprise.

  4. that's awesome. Don't you just love it when things like that happen?

  5. well done for not giving up! I found some ELC vouchers I hadn't used in 6 years! They were brilliant and honoured them! So I stocked up on lots of paint and arts and crafts materials. Just last night I found my TKMax red card from Britmums! Rubbing hands with glee, can't wait to go and spend it before I mislay it again! x

  6. haha, that reminds me I've lost my tkmaxx one from britmums!

  7. it's a fab feeling!

  8. thank you, I hope I like it when it arrives!

  9. I know, lt's definitely one I could dress both up and down!

  10. thanks, it's lovey isn't it?

  11. It's a great feeling!


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