Saturday 10 August 2013

Shouldn't be left on my own....

I was always a clumsy child. I was the one who walked into lampposts or tripped over twelve times in a day and was constantly covered in bruises. As I've got older I don't trip up as much, but it's translated into other areas on my life, If there's a foot to be put in a mouth, the wrong thing to be said or a drink to knock over I'm the one to do it!

Just last week I paid £4 for a tiny glass of Rose in one of the rather snazzy outdoor bars in Spinningfields . I'd had barely a sip of it when I went to sit down and my handbag swung round and knocked it to the floor... every last drop!

What a waste.

Sometimes I think I'm not safe to be left alone...

My husband is a Scout leader so over the summer months he is often away at the weekends on camps or hikes. Last Saturday he left at the crack of dawn to take on the Yorkshire three peaks so me and the children were left to our own devices. We had a lovely day that included playing with jigsaws, building with LEGO painting, creating fabulous knight dress up outfits and baking cookies, then just before bedtime I went into the kitchen reached up to open a cupboard and my lovely London 2012 commemorative plate fell out and smashed, right on my toe! Ouch. The pain was immense and I knew it was broken. After I managed to get the children to bed and I was all alone there was obviously nothing else to do but watch bad movies and moan on Twitter until I got some sympathy!

I've been hobbling along all week in pain but it finally starting to improve and is just a dull ache at the moment.

You would think I would learn and try not to do anything as risky as opening a cupboard next time I was on my own but no...

Last night I was preparing a picnic for our adventures at Beeston Castle today and I thought it would be nice to have some popcorn. So I got a micro-packet out of the cupboard, followed the instructions and turned around to butter some bread for the sandwiches while I listened to the popping. A couple of minutes in, the popping was still going strong but I could smell burning, I opened the microwave door and lifted out the bag to see flames... yes.... FLAMES!!

After letting out a quick scream I was able to throw it into the sink and cover the bag in water leaving with just a kitchen full of smoke and some very soggy pop corn. (which needless to say we did not take on our picnic!)

Disaster avoided, but I'm seriously beginning to think that I should not be left alone!

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