Monday 19 August 2013

Bedtime Routines with Dora the Explorer

I have a love hate relationship with routines, when my children were babies I breastfed on demand, co-slept and basically let them lead. I know this is not the right way for every family but it worked well for us and I believe it has contributed towards my children being so settled in their routine now.

Not everyone has it so easy though and I have lots of friends who struggle with their children not settling into a routine even when they get older. I have recently been introduced to the resources that are available on the Nick Jr website including this bedroom routine activity sheet which we have been having great fun with! We were sent a lovely magnetic wall chart for Elizabeth's bedroom too which she has built into her routine and loves standing next to to see if she has gown each night before bed!

Elizabeth really enjoyed putting the different steps in the right order and was then very precise about following them! I think this would be an excellent resource for  parents whose little ones struggle with settling down at night. It creates a fun game so they don't realise that they are actually getting ready for bed.

We made a little video about Elizabeth's bedtime routine, which you can watch below, I wonder if you can guess what her favourite part of the routine is?


Do your children have a bedtime routine? If you are struggling you can down load the activity sheet wqe used above on the Nick Jr Website.

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