Friday 7 June 2013

The perfect fathers day out...

Father's Day out in Delamere Forest

Fathers Day is approaching and I have been thinking about what we can do as a family to show my husband just how special he is and how much we appreciate everything he does.

As you may know, the Daddy of our family is a big fan of the outdoors, as a scout leader he regularly takes part in treks and exhibitions in the countryside. Many of our family days out involve exploring the outdoors and one of our favourite places to visit is Delamere Forest in Cheshire.

We had a lovely, if slightly damp day out at this Forestry Commission location over the Christmas break and you can read more about it here. Now the weather has started to improve and I'm starting to believe we may actually experience a summer, it's definitely time for another visit...

So how would we make this day special enough to show Daddy just how much we love him?

Well firstly I think the day would need to start with breakfast at the Delamere Cafe next to the Linmore Visitors Centre, a yummy freshly cooked bacon butty made with local produce will certainly put a smile on Daddy's face!

Next I think we would take the Linmore Trail, a nice leisurely walk through the Cheshire woodland. While we walked we could play a visual game with the children encouraging them to recognise things in the forest from different types of birds and trees to the different colors and shapes on the forest floor.
Then the Children could burn off some excess energy by having some fun in the play area, confidently showing off their skills to Daddy while I take a stroll back to the car to grab the picnic hamper and blanket. I'd also secretly grab a second bag, making sure I kept it away from Daddy's prying eyes...

We would lay the picnic blanket out on the forest floor and tuck in to some yummy treats, including all of Daddy's favourite picnic food.

After our tummy's were all filled up I would take Ben aside and we would sneak away leaving Daddy and Elizabeth to relax in the peaceful forest surroundings.

Hidden away in the bag I had secretly grabbed from the car would be some home crafted labels Ben and I had made earlier, leaving Daddy a treasure hunt of clues to chase through the forest, Ben would help  me hang them from branches around the path ready for Daddy to take part in his very own father's day treasure hunt! Once Daddy had followed the clues (with a little help from Ben and Elizabeth of course!) he would discover his next father's Day treat, a tree top adventure at Go Ape! An adrenaline filled tree top adventure!

What is fantasic is that although this will be a fun filled day out for us all and I know Daddy will love it, it won't break the bank! Breakfast will be a small indulgence but the prices are really reasonable for the quality local produce, and as we have a Discovery Pass, parking will be totally free! As well as supporting your local forest, other benefits include discounts on activities such as Go Ape and money off food in the Cafe during the week. If you are local and love the outdoors a Discovery Pass would make a lovely Father's Day Gift!

For more gift inspiration check out the Forestry Shop, I love the Mohair Goat Socks, they would be perfect for Daddy's winter camping trips!

So that would be our perfect Father's Day out, I would love to hear about yours too...

Disclaimer: we received a pair of tickets to Go ape as a thank you for writing this post. We are Forestry commission ambassadors.

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  1. Delamere Forest you say? i've never thought about visiting beofre but google maps tells me it's under an hour away. Looks may have inspired a day out there :)


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