Tuesday 7 May 2013

#RNW13 Fluffy Reward winners!

Really sorry about the delay in this, folks!

Hope it's been worth the wait...

So to draw the winners fairy I will use random.org. I will firstly choose a guest post in the order they went live (1 being the first 6 being the last) and then use the number of comments (counting down from the top)  to select a winner.

First up Bambino Mio are offering a 2 part trial kit:

post number 3 comment number 1

Congratulations Kate Fever 

Next the My cloth nappy makes me happy t shirt from Lactivist:

post number 6 comment number 18

Congratulations sammy 

Next up a cheeky wipes mini kit... 

post number 1 comment number 25

Congratulations Pippa Ainsworth 

Next we have...

Baba+Boo who are offering a nappy and wetbag of the winners choice :

post number 2 comment number 15

Congratulations Sarah Mollins

And finaly we have 5 Totsbots Bamboozles donated by Babipur...

post number 6 comment number 11

Congratulations Carly Markham!

Please get in touch asap and I will pass your details across to the lovely companies... :)

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