Friday 19 April 2013

Mummy and the Chunks - Graco Evo Mini on Transport - Guest Post

You may remember that the lovely Carly from Mummy and the Chunks visited us earlier in the week to share her Cloth Nappy experiences, today she returns to tell us about the Graco Evo Mini that she is currently putting through it's paces...

Graco evo mini at the shops

Me and the chunks AKA Gracie (2) and Zach (6 months) have been lucky enough to be testing out the Graco Evo Mini for the past 4 weeks. In this time we have tackled shopping, snow, buses, trains and even sand all in the name of pushchair testing and have been documenting it all on our blog.

We have had lots of fun testing out the different features of our new pushchair. It is a lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy stroller. Perfect for shopping trips as its easily steered even one handed which has become an essential for me with a toddler who feels the need to touch and grab everything within reach every time we go out! Also the basket is HUGE for a stroller, I can fit my raincover,baby carrier and a fair few shopping items in the basket and have my hands spare to deal with the kiddies. After having a successful shopping trip in our local city centre I was motivated to go a bit further...

Now I've been on a train before with a pushchair before back when Gracie was a baby and even with two adults it was a nightmare getting on with our big bulky travel system it was then I vowed I would never go on a train with a pushchair again! Well guess what me and Zach did? That's right we braved catching a train with the pushchair for a trip to Birmingham. Well the pushchair space on the train was as small as I remembered it but the Evo Mini fitted in no problem and even had space for passengers to walk by. Not only is it small and compact but it is comfy too with its padded seats meaning I had a very happy Zach sat up smiling away and waving at every person that walked past him!

It was just as easy using it on a bus. To be honest I've never had major pushchair problems on buses there is usually plenty of room once on the bus but I have had problems with pushchairs slipping even with brakes on meaning I had to hold them tightly to avoid them sliding around or tipping. I've also had problems trying to lift on and off buses, but not with this one I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though I had Zach in a baby carrier and Gracie in the pushchair I didnt have to struggle at all to get it on and there was enough room to fit the pushchair in the space and for me to sit beside it. there was also no trouble with the brakes once they were on the pushchair was at a complete standstill and I could sit comfortably for the journey.

For those who don't use public transport, the Evo Mini is as equally perfect as it takes up little room in a car boot. I can fit it in our old 10 year old fiesta with all our food shopping around it with no problems. If really necessary we can even squeeze it under the kids feet in the back of the car. Now that is impressive!

If you want to find out more about our adventures with the Evo Mini please visit our blog...

I'd like to say a massive thank you to the lovely My Mummy's Pennies for letting me share our Graco Evo Mini experiences with you all. 


  1. Wow, this looks great Carly, so easy for public transport, will have to add it to my pushchair wishlist! x

  2. It looks larger than I expected it to be

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