Tuesday 12 February 2013

Affordable Family Fun

Family days out can soon rack up a huge bill – theme parks, meals out, fuel and parking all seem to pile up – making what seemed like an affordable idea at first, into a hefty chunk out of your budget! With school holidays on the way and warmer weekends, take advantage of the longer days and sunnier skies, to get outdoors for affordable, if not free, family fun. There are some great activities for all the family – just right on your doorstep – so switch off the box, sell your unwanted dvds, and get going.

Camp days – at home

Kids love anything that breaks away from the usual routine – and an easy and affordable way to do that is to set up camp, right at home. If you've got a good- sized garden, why not pitch up a tent and let the kids sleep out beneath the stars? A bonfire, roasted marshmallows and scary stories all night can help to turn even the most mundane day at home into an exciting new adventure. Best of all – it’s easy for grown ups to keep an eye on the kids, and you can enjoy your own date night at home.

Get stargazing

Got a future Patrick Moore on your hands? Nurture kids’ interests in the sparkling night sky by investing in a few key props – a good star map and a telescope will reveal incredible views of the night sky. There’s nothing quite as magical as catching rare and beautiful astronomical events – and you might even discover a new planet! Just wrap up warm, grab a hot drink and enjoy the quiet relaxation as your children discover the universe around them.

Teddy bears’ picnic

Eating out always seems like a good idea – until the stress of getting everyone properly dressed on time and out of the door makes it more trouble than it’s worth. Pack a picnic instead – and make it fun by letting your kids dress up in their own way. Fancy dress and their favourite toys – plus a selection of healthy, bite size treats and snacks, are a fun way to spend an afternoon down the local park, or even right in your own garden.

Nature’s treasure hunt

This one takes a little bit of planning – but can be a fun and educational way to spend a day out. Before you go out, think of a few key ‘treasures’ for kids to spot around the local neighbourhood – it might be a local flower, an apple from the neighbourhood orchard, or a shell from the local beachside. Put together a few copies of a fun treasure map your local library, stain in tea for that old-fashioned look, and let your kids go off in groups to explore the map and find the hidden treasures.


  1. Great post. My kids are always happiest doing these kind of free things. You have inspired me to get the tent out and let them sleep in it tonight (in the house but they won't care!)

  2. There are some brilliant ideas in here; plenty of activities to keep the kids out of trouble! It’s great to get them outside and enjoying the garden. We’re really enjoying your blog, lots of really helpful advice and ideas to keep things affordable!


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