Sunday 10 February 2013


41/365 My big girl! The first night ever not sleeping in our bed and our room!

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  1. gosh there is not much room in there, but then they cannot fall out,

  2. It's actually a fairly big room, but because of funny shaped alcoves and the placement of radiators the only place the eds would go was right next to each other!! They seem happy enough with it though! We do have a spare room, so they won't be together long term but thought we'd do the change from co-sleeping gradually...

  3. ah they look so cosy. are you missing her not being in your room? x

  4. How did it go? Hope they slept soundly in their very comfy beds? I found that The Boy slept the best he ever had once he was in his big boy bed with a duvet.

    Thanks for linking up (new linky live from 8pm Saturday)


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