Wednesday 2 January 2013

A Lego Star Wars Day Out...

As you know my son Ben is 5 and like most children his age he loves Lego, and thanks to Daddy's influence he is Star Wars mad too! So when Moneysupermarket gave us the opportunity to visit Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester as part of their mission to find Britain's best Day out I just had to arrange the visit to coincide with their Star Wars weekend! This was in November but due to falling ill just a few days after our visit I have only just had the opportunity to write it up. (sorry!)

We've visited the centre a few times and It's one of our favourite Days out in the North West, with lots to entertain both our five year old and his two year old sister, Elizabeth. Being a special event this visit was offering even more than usual!

The queues to get into the centre were longer than we'd previously experienced, but that was to be expected as the Star Wars event's are often the busiest days of the year. While waiting we were entertained by stormtroopers, who were happy to pose for photos which Ben loved! Once inside we had the chance to have our photo taken with some StarWars Characters before embarking on the Lego Factory tour, I have to admit this is one of my favourite bits, watching the expression on the children's faces as they see the Lego 'being made' right in front of them!

On this occasion instead of the special Lego brick every child was given a star wars badge out of the Lego machine, Ben barely let go of his for the rest of the day!

We then of course had to have a go on Kingdom Quest, the 'big' ride, I sat at the back with Elizabeth pointing at everything that was popping out while en and Daddy were at the front shooting all the 'baddy' skeletons so they could rescue the princess! Ben wanted to go on it again straight away but we convinced him to have a look around the rest of the attractions first, we all loved Miniland, recognizing local landmarks and spying the hidden star wars characters for the treasure hunt! Can you spot Yoda in the farmers market?

The rides were busier that when we have visited in the past but with dressed up characters walking about and these fab Lego play stations at regular intervals in the queues, there was no chance of getting bored! Although a popular day there was still plenty that didn't need waiting for from  the Firestation softplay to the Duplo area where the two of them had lots of fun building a wall together then knocking it down!

The LEGO Racer's build and test area is always the one that hold's Ben's attention the longest and today was no exception, he  must have made about 20 different models and  was soon racing them against new friends on the variety of slopes and tracks...

We of course could not miss the  Star War's themed film, at the special cinema, Ben was slightly disappointed that it wasn't in 4D as usual but soon forgot all about it as he started to watch the The Padawan Menace which is one of his favourite DVD's at home currently!

With so much else to offer, from a special Star War's themed Master Modal Builder session to making Lego cakes over at the friends area and driving around the forest in Forest Pursuit, and of course me peddling away while Ben shouted,'faster, faster' in Merlin's Apprentice, it was a fun filled day out and well worth the queuing

Legoland Discovery Centre is a entertaining day out for the whole family, ideal for a wide range of ages and something that with appeal to mum and Dad too. If you want to grab a bite to eat while you are there the cafe sells sandwiches, paninis and healthy kid's meals that aren't too expensive.

A must for any Lego loving family and if you are a star war's fan too check out the website for details of the next event...

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