Tuesday 1 January 2013


I love taking photographs, whether they are are my family, things I have created or just things that I see and want to capture, but I find that I take all these photos that all mean something to me and they are then abandoned and left hiding away on my phone or hard drive.  So this year I am going to attempt to join in with project 365, blogging a photo a day, every day for a year. I know that I will find this difficult to manage time wise, so I was just going to to do a weekly photo, but I thought why not try daily? I may not manage to post daily and if I don't so what? I will have tried.
Once of the reason I want to do this is that I have an awful memory and while I was reminiscing on 2012 I was thinking how nice it would be to have a daily visual record of such an eventful year of our lives. I've also been reminded by recent events that life is short and nothing is certain.

 Here goes....


A new Year, a new hobby....

cath kidston floral sewing box

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  1. New hobby sounds exciting - love the sewing box to, I was lucky to receive a Kirsty Allsop Sewing box from Santa ;)

    Good luck with the Project 365 photos


  2. Sorry to hear you've been dealing with some sad news :( I have missed seeing your updates on my facebook page, I hope 2013 gets better. Good luck with project 365 and I am very much in love with your sewing box! :) its gorgeous x

  3. Well Done, glad you decided to go for it too, look forward to seeing the creations, may inspire me to do something as my sewing machine has sat there for three months doing nothing!!

  4. Love your new hobby (can't wait to see what you create) - just don't get carried away buying bits and pieces from Liberty and V&A online - cough, cough! I love sewing and can guarantee it's a very theraputic hobby with loads of creative scope. Just remember to measure twice and cut once - I made that mistake when I attached a lining to a curtain recently and only afterwards realised the curtain I'd bought was too short


  5. Love that you are starting the year with a new hobby! I look forward to seeing your creations! x

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