Friday 21 December 2012

Warner Brothers Christmas Stocking!

A few weeks ago we were sent a lovely package from Warner Brothers filled with some lovely goodies and Blu-ray's for us to enjoy over the Christmas period.

Thoughtful as ever the lovely folks at Warner Brother's had packaged 3 fabulously Blu ray's in a lovely Christmas stocking with some chocolate treats and candy canes!

Inside this lovely festive offering we found The Polar Express, New Years Eve and the one that my hubby snatched out of my hand as soon as he saw it... The Dark Night Rises!

Ben has seen The Polar Express a few times but never in 3D before so of course we just had to take it round to Gran and Grandad's house and watch it on what he call's their 'magic telly!' It's such a heartwarming family adventure movie that is perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a big bowl of home made popcorn!  

New Year's Eve  is a star packed celebration, filled with love, excitement and expectations with a few twists to keep you on your toes!  A chick flick perfect for us mums who rather that go out partying to see in the new year prefer to cuddle up to their other halves which watching a movie and maybe sharing a bottle of fizz! A lovely way to party the night away vicariously from the comfort of your own home. The diverse array of well renowned actors all added their own mark to the movie and gave it a real feelgood factor. A movie that will be watched again and again!

As I mentioned my other half had snatched away The The Dark Knight Rises before I even had the chance to take a photograph! The reason for this is last summer I had the opportunity to to go and see the Manchester premier of the Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX and I took my friend instead of him, (I don't think he has fully forgiven me until now!) We are both huge fans of Batman, especially the Dark Knight series and this installment did not disappoint at all, A slightly slow but intriguing start that builds up to a thrilling crescendo with a few cheeky twists that make you catch your breath. A modern and topical take on a a classic comic hero. This is a movie that has already been watched twice and thanks to the UV copy included in the pack we were able to watch it on our Kindle Fire while travelling last weekend.

Tgree fantastic movies with something for everyone and they are all available to buy now...

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