Sunday 9 December 2012

Mummy Me time with Miss Patisserie...

 As you know I've recently had a  a hospital stay and the one thing that I was looking forward to when I got home  (Apart from hugs and kisses from my monsters of course) was a long soak in a hot bath!

Being a rather 'over-committed' working mum of two I don't really get much 'me time' but my one luxury when I do is a a long soak with a good book. (Most of my favourite books have frayed edges from getting soggy so often, you couldn't do that with a kindle!)

The lovely folks at Zulily heard i'd been unwell and sent me some yummy bath goodies from Miss Patisserie  to try.

When they arrived, they were beautifully packaged each wrapped up and adorned with a blue bow. I couldn't believe that they were for the bath at first as they looked and smelt good enough to eat! When I accepted that although they smelt divine, they probably wouldn't taste too great, I couldn't wait to run a bath!

Here's what I had to choose from...

La La Lime - Ice lolly bath bomb miss patisserie

With strong fruity scents of Zesty and juicy lime this is a real awakener that makes you daydream of summer!
  You simply swirl the lolly in the bath to release the fragrances and nourishing oil.

Melting Heart  - cake slice bath bomb

This delicious looking cake slice sadly cannot be eaten but has has a yummy scent of Tropical Fruit including Pineapple, Mango & Grapefruit.

Get 2 for £7.50 at zulily today

 Lemon Twist  - Mini Bath Bake Bath Bomb and scrub

  Lemon Twist  - Mini Bath Bake Bath Bomb and scrub

This 'bath bake' has the enticing look of a cupcake and the scents of icy lemonade and mango which takes your mind to tropical climes no matter what the weather is outside! This is a cool and sweet fragrance with a sharp, zesty undertone.
 After the base has completely fizzed away the top of the cake can be used as an exfoliator by gently rubbing dry areas of your skin in a circular motion.

Get 3 fruity bath bakes for £9.50 at zulily today

 Snowman Rose  - macaroon Bath Melt

When you drop this Bath Macaroon into a warm bath it will fizz softly, releasing its moisturising Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil into the water to moisturise your skin. These Bath Macaroons also contain wonderful perfumes to make your bath smell beautiful.  Fragranced with frankincense & Persian rose, this would make a lovely stocking filler.

I've so far  indulged in long soaks with the La La Lime Lolly and the Melting Heart Cake Slice, both have beautiful fragrances that helped me to relax and feel pampered escaped from busy family life into the pages of a book or half an hour, and left my skin feeling gorgeously soft and smooth. I'm already planning my next escape to the bathroom!

Now as well as an excuse to get some Mummy Me time these would make ideal gifts, either individually or in the lovely gift sets available.

So do you want to hear the good news? Today Zulily have a Flash Sale on Miss Patisserie goodies so you can get these goodies at even better prices!! Go on, grab yourself some Mummy Me time!

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