Saturday 15 December 2012

Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Playset - Review

Ben has loved Fireman Sam for as long as I can remember and last Christmas he was lucky enough to get quite a few of the playsets and a big red Jupiter from Father Christmas. Unlike many other gifts these are toys that he has regularly played throughout the year. So he was delighted when the Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set arrived for us to review!

In the box there was: the 'half house', which required minimal assembly (just sliding in the floor, the stairs and gate and popping on the 'flames'), A fireman Sam figure which had movable legs and arms, a Norman figure (static legs and arms) a hose reel, bucket and cones (these were very small) and a sink unit. It also included  a Tree, cat (again very small) and ladder (which slotted into the tree).

Ben was very excited and couldn't wait to start playing with it all! He was immediately draw to the tree and was playing with Fireman Sam rescuing the cat for a while and then Norman came to help!

For a plastic toy this set is well made and very detailed, there are some really nice touches that helped spark Ben's imagination while he was playing with it. However there are some very small parts, such as the cat and the cones, and I worry that it won't be long until these are lost somewhere in our house.

I have read that other children have had difficulty with the playset standing up and that on wooden floors it kept falling over, however it is absolutely fine on our carpeted floor and has not fallen over once while Ben has been playing with it. Ben has had this out a few times  since we received it earlier in the week and has really enjoyed playing with it alongside his other Fireman Sam toys, especially Jupiter. It has many aspects to it that encourage imaginative play and  I can see it appealing to Ben (who is 5 ) for quite a while.

The Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set is from Character Options and is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6, It has an RRP of £29.99. You can purchase this and a many other Fireman Sam products  from Asda.

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