Saturday 24 November 2012

12 Days of Christmas Toys - On the seventh day of Christmas...

 So it's getting to the point where you can't really deny it any more, Christmas is well and truly on it's way, before you know it, the presents will be unwrapped, the dinner eaten and the living room scattered with toys. So for those of you who are still looking for the perfect toys for your family, that hopefully won't be discarded in favour of the wrapping paper, over the next 12 days I am going to be featuring  a variety of toys aimed at a range of ages from toddler to teen.

We will also have some giveaways to help you get an extra present under the tree!

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love  Santa gave to me...

Schleich Dinosaurs!

Jurassic Fans Can Rediscover a Lost World!
With the news that Jurassic Park is set to be released in eye popping
3D next April and brand new species being discovered, dinosaurs
are making a comeback! (If they've ever been away)

Children and 'grown up' dinosaur fans alike can now also unearth their own pack,
as the fiercest Jurassic inhabitants come to life with Schleich’s new
Dinosaur collection!

Almost 225 million years after the first dinosaurs
roamed the Earth, Schleich has recreated the most
iconic prehistoric predators and released them into the

wild ready to delight dinosaur-fans of all ages. 

An ever popular
 toy foe children, these anatomically correct models take dino
fun to a whole new terrifying level! Whilst small enough
for children’s hands, the intricate details ensure that
these beasts remain ferocious.
Kids can create their own prehistoric worlds, choosing
from a whole pack of hand painted dinos. The new stars of
the carnivorous collection include Allosaurus, a very
dangerous dinosaur indeed, the towering Giganotosaurus
and the absolutely infamous Tyrannosaurus rex! 

Each fearsome predator features a
powerful moveable jaw. But don’t worry; there are some friendlier faces in  Schleich’s Dinosaur collection. As a herbivore, the Brachiosaurus sticks to munching on plants but, at 80 tonnes, is still aformidable creature and weighs as much as 16 elephants!
With so many figures to choose from, Schleich has a prehistoric playmate for everyone!

I know that Ben will be delighted to find the realistic looking Schleich Stegosaurus  in his stocking on Christmas morning! I love toys that encourage his imagination to run wild and this great quality play figure will certainly do that! 

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