Wednesday 5 September 2012

Peace of mind in your pocket with my pocket Buddy...


Kids get Dirty. Fact.

The truth is a certain amount of dirt is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes happy kids are kids that are covered in mud or sand or something equally as mucky!

However, germs do spread diseases and no matter how much fun my children may have been having in the sandpit/ rockpool/ muddy field, when they grab a butty out of the picnic bag 5 minutes later, I want to be sure they are not carrying a fistful of germs into their mouths too. As it would be quite a battle to drag them to the nearest toilets/ sink and scrub their hands clean before I let them near any food, I am thankful for a fabulous little thing called hand sanitiser.Since becoming a mummy  5 years ago (yikes!) I have barely been without this essential item in one of the many bags I carry about. Whether it's for the children's hands, after playing or my own after a nappy change, it's always there and not just while we're out either, I find it handy to have at home and always keep some with my fluffy nappy stash ready for botty changing time...

I've been through many brands of the stuff, some I've liked others I found smelly, sticky or drying to my skin.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out My Pocket Buddy - on the go hand sanitiser from Opure...

We were sent an 8ml pen spray and a 50ml foamer to try out.

This is what Opure have to say about their products...

My Pocket Buddy® on-the-go hand sanitiser has been scientifically formulated to kill 99.99% of germs, whilst still being kind to your hands. Our product range includes an 8ml pen spray for children, a 50ml foamer for adults, and a 500ml foaming dispenser, ideal for the home, nursery, or your place of work.

Not only is My Pocket Buddy® alcohol free and made from 100% natural ingredients, it’s effective in seconds, helping reduce germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin. There are no chemical nasties in any of our products, ensuring safe protection for your hands, and giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are protected too.

It dries super-fast without leaving behind a sticky residue, and with the purest of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, your hands will be left feeling totally refreshed and naturally moisturised.

  • Unique formulation made entirely from the purest of natural ingredients.

  • No synthetic chemical nasties.

  • Alcohol-free, allergen-free, fragrance-free, and Paraben-free.

  • Solvent-free, non-toxic and non-flammable.

  • Kills 99.99% of germs and is effective in seconds.

  • Contains no animal derived ingredients, and hasn’t been tested on animals.

  • Laboratory tested to BS EN 1276.

  • Refreshing and quick drying, with natural moisturisers such as Aloe Vera.

  • All our product materials are recyclable and we use recycled materials in our packaging.

  • Kind to your hands and to the environment too.


    We've been using both products for a few weeks now, the foamer at home for nappy change time and the spray when out and about for various adventures over the summer, from theme parks to camping trips, the beach, a farm and the park. It fits easily in both the changing bag and my handbag and the 'pen style' packaging means that it takes up very little room and is easy to find when rummaging through the bags...

    The spray was ideal for cleaning Elizabeth's hands after she fed the horses...

    The spray is easy to use, feels light on your skin and leaves no sticky residue. I find it takes a few sprays to cover your hands but the relatively small spray seems to last a while. Both Elizabeth and Ben actually like having their hands sprayed with this and will hold them out ready, then happily rub them together! This is a vast improvement on the ones we've had in the past that they've disliked and wriggled away from...

    The spray has a mild but pleasant scent, and the fact that it contains no 'nasties' is important to me, as is the recycled materials they use in their packaging. Over the last few weeks I have gone everywhere with this in my pocket or bag and would now be lost with out it! It's also a great idea for back2school as will fit easily in pencil cases or coat pockets and the spray is easy enough for young children to do themselves if needed!

    The foamer has been in our nappy change area at home and is so handy! Just one pump is plenty to rub into both hands and with it being a foam it feels so light and soft on my hands, even when I am using it quite regularly throughout the day. It's a handy size that doesn't take up too much room but will still last a while before it needs replacing (approx 240 uses!)

    Not only are both of these products really useful, natural and kind to skin they are also really reasonably priced!

    The pen sprays are just 96p each plus postage and the 50ml foamer is just £3 plus postage, both are also available in multipacks for your convenience...

    Find out more at and check them out on Twitter and facebook too!

    So now it's your turn! Who would like to try My Pocket Buddy for themselves? The very kind folks at Opure have offered 20 pen sprays for Mymummyspennies readers to try!

    Just follow the instructions below for your chance to win one...


    1. The list is endless, but jumping in puddles it the most fun I think.. Lol

    2. My son has a thing for horses and always has to stroke them if we see them so this would be fab for him

    3. splashing in muddy puddles

    4. My son finds endless ways to get dirty and that is one of he joys of chilhood, isnt it? His favourite though has to be playing football (has to be on a muddy pitch) all that sliding, tackling and just general rolling around.

      Thanks for the chance to win x

    5. By playing with his food lol or in the mud

    6. hold her chocolate till it melt and it just go everywhere

    7. Painting or glueing/sticking

    8. The sandpit in our garden, in combination with his little watering can :)

    9. Always walking around the garden with no shoes on,he's always got filthy feet!

    10. Atm its eating as shes 13 months she gets so grubby....but she loves naughty and grab the dry cat food and thrie it around and her hands need a good clean after that! She also explores everything whivh means putting her hands on the dirty bin ...stuff like that! Xx

    11. Running through the water sprinkler then digging in the wet dirt with their friends afterwards! =)


    I love to read your comments, thank you for sharing your thoughts.