Sunday 30 September 2012

Being prepared for long car journeys with kids…

We love family days out and trips to other parts of the UK. Whether we’re exploring theme parks or Zoo’s, visiting family and friends or staying in a caravan by the seaside, we’re guaranteed to have a whole bundle of fun! However one of the things I like least about these adventures is the long car journeys, as most of you Mummies will know travelling with kids is NOT easy!

From constant cries of ‘Are we nearly there yet’ to ‘I need a wee’ or ‘I’m hungry’, the stress of a car journey can start as soon as you set off…

Keeping them distracted and entertained while sitting still for a few hours can be a work of art. For the last few journeys we have been on I have packed a little bag each for them full of small (not too noisy!)  toys and a few healthy snacks. From the front passenger seat I can pass them something new from the bag when the previous item has lost it’s entertainment value (or been thrown by my daughter!) 

When I’m not acting as navigator for my husband, it’s also fun to pass the time playing some verbal car games, from ‘car snap’ to ‘spot the Eddie Stobart Lorries’ or ‘I spy’.

We usually play I spy with colours, which is great for younger ones. Although Daddy is still sulking from last time we played and I started with…

‘I spy with my little eye something that is the colour grey…’ (thinking of the road)

And our son immediately piped up

‘Daddy’s hair!’ 


Some things such as toilet stops or travel sickness (my five year old suffers terribly) aren't avoidable but planning in advance can make car journeys as stress free as possible. As well as keeping everything to hand for the children (if yours are anything like mine, remember to keep some towels and wipes accessible) make sure you have remembered the important things too, such as checking your carinsurance and breakdown cover are up to date!

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