Friday 21 September 2012

A new way of cutting the cost of fuel...

One of the biggest rising costs of family life at the moment is running a car. With the price of petrol averaging around £1.38-a-litre and diesel around £1.42 (according to Experian Catalist as of 24th August) any possible way that we can reduce that cost has got to be a good thing!
You will have seen the supermarket promotions offering you so much off fuel when you spend a certain amount for a limited amount of time but now  Morrisons have come up with a revolutionary new  fuel saver scheme where you need never pay full price for fuel again!

Similar to established schemes in the States, Morrison’s has joined up with 34 of the nation’s favourite high street brands - such as Next, Boots and Homebase - to bring Fuel Saver to the UK.

It's really simple! You buy gift cards with your weekly shop at the checkout in Morrisons for purchases you are going to make on the High Street and receive a voucher which gives you money off fuel. The more you buy the more you save!

So if you were planning to buy some clothes in Next, a birthday present from Toys R Us or have a romantic meal out at Cafe Rouge, you can buy your gift cards when you do your shopping and save on the rising costs of fuel!

For every £10 gift card you purchase you will get a voucher for 1p off a litre of fuel when you next fill up. You can use as many vouchers as you wish in one go so the savings will mount up..

I think this is an excellent idea and can see my family making use of it quite a bit, especially on the build up to Christmas! I always buy some presents for friends and family in the Boots 3 for 2 promotions, often spending over £100. So If I were to plan ahead and purchase a £100 gift voucher with my next grocery shop in Morrisons, then as well and reaping the benefits of the in store offers in Boots I would also get 10p per litre of petrol, saving our family over £4 next time we need to fill the car up.

And it gets better, retailers of more costly goods, such as Curry’s and PC World are signed up to the scheme too, so if I was to replace our fridge freezer (which is much needed!) I would be spending anything from £300 to £500, by buying gift vouchers for this I could save up to 50p a litre next time we filled up the car.

And it's not just for those 'one off occasions such as Christmas shopping or buying a large appliance.  I could see myself buying vouchers for Tony & Guy to have some Mummy Time getting my hair done, for Homebase for my garden and DIY needs and Cineworld or Zizzi for a sneaky evening out...    Just a shame I can't buy babysitting gift cards too!

So why not take a look at this handy fuel calculator to see how much you could save?  

Which retailers do you regularly shop with? How much do you think you would save by using this scheme?

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