Friday 14 September 2012

A budget busting STAR WARS birthday cake...

These last week two weeks has seen both my son's birthday and my own. Although of course turning 5 is SO much bigger than turning 28! We knew we were away in Scotland for Ben's birthday so instead of organising a party for his friends (which would be a nightmare to do in the summer holidays anyway) We decided to take him and a friend to Camelot Theme Park for the day the week before and then had a family BBQ the day before we left for Scotland.

One dilemma I had was the cake, Ben was turning five and has really started getting interested in certain brands and franchises recently, his favourite at the moment is Lego Star Wars. I loved the idea of him having a Lego Star Wars cake as I knew it would make his day!

However, I had a bit of a dilemma, although I absolutely love baking, and have created a few birthday cakes in the past, with working full time, having a day out before the BBQ and packing to go away the day after, I just wouldn't have time to make one myself, but I wasn't keen on getting a pre packaged one from the supermarket either, they are fairly small, can be expensive and your not really sure what's in them...

We have had the cakes from Costco in the past for Christenings and as well as being yummy they are great value and big enough to cater for our large family! So I decided to get a plain Costco cake (costing less than £10) and order some Star wars cake toppers.

There are so many lovely cake businesses around but I came across a local cake company on facebook Truly Scrumptious not only did they have a fabulous selection of cakes and cupcakes but they also made some gorgeous fondant model toppers for £4 each or 3 for £10. The lovely Kim was very friendly and was able to produce exactly what I wanted! We were able to collect, being quite local, but she is also happy to post toppers where ever you are.

So this is the cake, costing just £20 it looks a lot more and Ben loved it!! And best of all I barely had to lift a finger! The perfect cheat for a busy working mum...

Check out the Facebook page as they are offering a fantastic 20% off all cakes ordered by 22:00 Sunday 16th celebrate 1000 likes on facebook! They have Christmas cakes to order too!

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