Friday 17 August 2012

We love Wenlock!

Like the majority of the nation our family has caught Olympic fever!
As anyone who knows me will be aware I'm not a sporty person, however with Olympic fever sweeping the nation it's hard not to catch it also!
And who's at the centre of all this hype?

(Well apart from the fabulous athletes and Boris hanging from a rope of course!) ....

It's Wenlock!!

Did you know that the name is inspired by Much Wenlock, a small town in Shropshire that is at the heart of Olympic history? In the 19th century, Baron Pierre de Coubertin was invited there to watch the Much Wenlock Games, which were inspired by the Olympic Games of ancient Greece! An interesting fact!

When the mascots were first revealed there was a lot of criticism, however as our amazing sports men and women have touched the nations heart, so has this rather cute one eyed mascot and his counterpart for the Paralympics, Mandeville!

We had a great time watching the torch relay going through our local town, really loved watching the opening ceremony and have been glued to the TV screen for lots of the events and to celebrate the Medals!

But for my son and daughter the highlight had to be actually going to see an Olympic event!! OK, so it may have only been a football match between Egypt and Japan at Old Trafford to to my children it may as well have been the Men's 100 metre finale!! They were so excited! I kitted them both out in London2012 T shirts and they went along with their Daddy, Grandad and Great-grandad, a four generational Day out! They were cheering for Japan and were thrilled when they won!
Attending an Olympic event is something my children may never do again in their lifetimes, and being so young (20 months and 4) it's unlikely that they're going to remember a lot of it in years to come, so I felt it was important that they had a souvenir of such a momentous occasion!
As well as some bargains I found in the shops, we were delighted to be sent a 30 cm plush Wenlock from Golden Bear. Ben has been taking him everywhere...
This adorable soft toy is great quality and suitable from 10 months so ideal for both my children to play with (or fight over!!) It's RRP is £19.99 but is currently on offer for just £9.99!

A great price for a well made soft toy that is not only fun to play with now, but will hold special memories for years to come!
Wenlock and Mandeville are now well known figures and available as everything from cuddly collectables, to soft key rings and even a giant 80cm plush, there’s a mascot to suit every style and budget...

I'm quite sad it's all over and am looking forward to the Paralympics starting soon! Let hope we're just as succesful in that, I think I may get the children a Manedeville to keep Wenlock company...

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