Wednesday 1 August 2012

National Play Day!

Today (1st August) is National Play Day!

The Playday 2012 Campaign is Get out and play and is all about getting our children outdoors to play and highlighting that outdoor play is crucial for our little one's health, well-being and happiness!

So to celebrate I asked the lovely Mummies on the My Mummy's Pennies facebook page to share their favourite play ideas. There were lots of great suggestions, some that we do regulary and others that I can't wait to try! I have chosen my ten favourites to feature below...

1/  Have a messy play day in the garden! Roll old wallpaper (or buy cheap lining paper) and lay flat along length of garden, then get paper plates with different coloured paints, and get the children to  dip in their feet and run & jump on the paper to make a great big messy painting! Emma

2/Go on a bear hunt! It is a favourite book! Go on a walk looking for a bear, take the book and find lots of things similar (like long grass, a 'river', mud etc etc). Sometimes you could hide an old teddy bear under a tree or something when the little one's aren't looking, then on the way back, when they are dragging their feet and not wanting to go home they will find it and liven up again! You can also do it around the house on rainy days with a bit of improvisation! Fiona

3/ Go 'camping', make a tent from blankets and towels and play in it in the garden! Or why not put a real tent up and spend a night out there? Amy

4/ Go for a walk in the woods and look for the Gruffallo! You never know, you might find him... Michelle

 5/ Go  puddle splashing in your waterproofs and while your out why not pick up some leaves to leaf print and do fingerprint catterpillars on top... Christine

6/ Put a washing bowl out in garden with a sponge n get them to wash their toys. If you have a drying rack they can hang them out. Keeps them entertained and cleans their toys   Then using the water from bowl they can use small cups to water the plants! Emma

7/  Ask at your local large goods centre for a box from a cooker or fridge-freezer and creat a rocket or a castle or a playhouse from it! Rebeckah

8/ Go for a walk with a nature book and 'find' the things in the books - flowers, trees, types of birds and that kind of thing. Or we play Pooh-sticks at the river! Summer mama

9/ Painting pebbles or smoother large stones or rocks. Collect large flat ones when you see them and save them. Use acrylic paint and they will look fab! It doesn't matter if the artwork is splodges, spots or patterns, they look lovley, the kids have fun and it's so cheap! You could also progress to terracotta pots too, you can get them from car boot sales for pennies! Emma

10/ Make sticker pictures! Buy cheap packets of stickers and coloured card and let your little ones create! Carly

Have fun playing....

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  1. Just back from my hols & seen my idea! Some other fab things to try in the summer hols too!


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