Friday 6 July 2012

It's been a while...

So it's been a while since I was sitting at this desk typing away...

I guess I should start with an apology, I have promised a lot of things over the last few weeks and have not delivered. I could reel off numerous excuses.... a teething toddler, a poorly four year old, computer problems, working almost 50 hour weeks in my 'day' job, dealing with the emotional turmoil of my daughter apparently self weaning and then... not.

But these are my issues, not yours so I won't bore you with them. Instead I will tell you about the future.

After taking time away from Mymummyspennies I feel I have returned a stranger, what I write had taken a turn away from me. Every time I wanted to write something I put it off and each time I found it harder to return.

I started this blog to share my penny pinching ways, my family life, how we have fun together without breaking the bank and to savour memories of such a significant time in my children's lives.

I enjoy writing about products I love and sharing the opportunities to try these items by running giveaways but mymummyspennies is not just about that.

Some changes are coming both in content and aesthetics and they will be positive ones...

I will be writing from my heart again about my passions. From my addiction to the fluffy world of cloth nappies to my pride in my daughters extended breastfeeding journey to fun filled family days out and everything in between! I do have some great products to tell you about as well as some exciting competitions but these will not take over.

So that is all, really. A pointless post maybe, but one I needed to write. Quite cathartic really, a return to blogging by blogging about returning.

Good Night.

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