Saturday 2 June 2012

One year on...

 Just over a year ago I was walking home from playing in the park with my little ones and a rather strange idea popped into my head...

While at the park I had been chatting to some other Mummies who had been complaining about the never ending cost of baby stuff, without thinking I reeled off a list of bargains I had recently found and they were really impressed, soon I was recommending the best voucher sites, website codes, where to find the 'clearance shelves' in local shops and more. One mum even got her phone out and took notes!

It sounds daft but I really enjoyed 'sharing' my penny pinching ways. Usually 'bargain hunting' was something I kept to myself as I found it a little embarrassing. I just wanted to get the best I could for my family on our tight budget, but would others think I was being 'cheap' rather than 'savvy?'

That day I felt like I had really helped others to save money! On the way home one thing that a mum had said was playing on my mind... 'You should have a website with all this!'

It was just a passing comment, but why not? Since having my daughter six months earlier I had found lots of support and advice online and I had recently started running my local community listing site on the madeformums website which I was really enjoying. So why not start a blog sharing my 'penny pinching' ways? It would be a good way of getting my thoughts out and doing something for myself, a hobby of sorts? As although I loved spending all my time with my children I did occasionally feel like I was being absorbed by being a Mummy and possibly losing myself...

So, I would go for it!! Now, what would I call it? I don't really remember where the name mymummyspennies came from, however I do remember thinking of it on that walk home from the park and it just stuck. I guess is was along the lines of realising how precious Mummies' pennies are and how important it is that they are well spent...

One year later and it's come a long way! I love writing about bargains, budget days out, cloth nappies, breastfeeding, mummy saving tips and more and have been given some amazing opportunities to review products that are worth Mummies' pennies and well as indulging the secret 'comper' in me by running some fab giveaways! Since going back to work in November I have had less time to dedicate to writing but it has become a fond hobby of mine and I write posts whenever I have the time.

I have 'met' and made some fantastic friends through mymummyspennies and love chatting to everyone in the amazing facebook and twitter communities. I'm absolutely flabbergasted that what I started as a little facebook page to share my blog posts on a year a go has become an amazing friendly and supportive penny pinching community with almost 2000 members! I want to thank every single member for being a part of mymummyspennies, you're all fab!!!

And just so you know how much I appreciate you all I have spoken to some of my favourite brands and managed to secure some pretty fantastic prizes for some birthday bonanza competitions! Many of the products up for grabs I have owned or reviewed myself and would personally recommend! I also want to thank all of the amazing brands I have worked with over the last year from the larger companies right down to the smaller WAHM's! Thank you for giving my family the opportunity to try your lovely products!

So what are you waiting for?! Click here and get entering!! Good Luck! :0)

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