Thursday 22 March 2012

Fun with Jungle Junction - Toy Review

Disney Jungle Junction Toy Range from Flair

If you've got a pre-schooler it's likely you'll be familiar with Jungle Junction, one of Disney Juniors most popular shows! And if you anything like me you've probably spent a day or two with the catchy theme tune stuck in your head! (Yes I have been caught singing it at the bus stop!)
If you're not familiar with Zooter, Ellyvan, Bungo, Taxicrab and the rest of the Jungle Jungle gang then here's a quick catch up...
Jungle Junction follows a group of part animal, part vehicle characters as they embark on fun, fast moving adventures around the jungle. The BAFTA nominated animated series encourages children to recognise signs and symbols and 'help' the friendly characters find their way!
Now children can create their own Jungle Junction adventures at home as Flair have launched a range of fantastic new Jungle Junction toys and play sets!
We were sent a selection of the new Jungle Junction toy range to review, here's what we thought of them...
Zooter Plush Toy

This cute and cuddly soft toy comes with inline wheels attached just like the loveable character from the show! Suitable from 10 months this is an ideal toy for younger Jungle Junction fans! The bright colours catch their attention and the soft ears are ideal for little hands to grab hold of. The facial features are all embroidered on so are safe even when little monsters decide to have a chew! Elizabeth is 14 months and loves cuddling up to her new pink fluffy friend and her older brother Ben likes to show her how it can race across the floor! This is also available in Bungo and retails at £9.99.
Pull Back Ellyvan

Perhaps my favourite character from Jungle Junction, The Pull back Ellyvan is a favourite with both my children! Suitable from 12 months this friction powered vehicle also has opening doors inside which Ben loves to hide smaller toys, and a movable trunk that Elizabeth enjoys turning round and round to create a clicking noise which always makes her burst into giggles! The moving parts and pull back mechanism encourage her to explore and discover! This chunky toy is a great size for a toddler of Elizabeth's age to handle while also being sturdy and quite light if she should drop it! (Which she has done a few times!) We have had hours of imaginative play with this and I am sure we have lots more to come! This at £7.99 which I think is a really good price for a great quality toddler toy.
Wheel Around Fun Set

When Ben saw the Wheel Around Fun Set he got very excited! He at this point decided that all the other toys were 'baby' toys for Elizabeth but this was for him! And he was right, as due to the small parts this set is only suitable from age 3+. The set includes 3 small wheelie characters, (Ellyvan, Zooter and Bungo) a selection of Road signs, a scenery playmat and stickers! Ben loves racing the characters around the play scene with Bungo holding the signs and directing the others! This set really encourages imaginative play and I was amazed at how may different scenarios Ben came up with from just this small set!

The only negative this I have to say about this, is that the playmat is made of relatively thin card and like many young children mine can get a bit over excited sometimes which did cause this to get ripped. We popped some tape on it and are still able to play with it so it wasn't really a problem.
 This great little set retails at £9.99 and would make a great gift for any three or four year old!
Taxicrab bath Squirter

This cute and fun Taxicrab bath squirter is one of five that can be collected! Also available in Hippobus, Ellyvan, Zooter and Toadhog, they're suitable from 12 months and provided lots of splashy bathtime fun for both Ben and Elizabeth! At just £3.99 each these are a great pocket money buy!

Also available in the range are the Jungle Playset, Hippobus and bettlebugs playset and Roadsigns with Bungo and Zooter, visit Flair's website   to find out more about these...

The Jungle Playset

Overall the whole range was a hit with the Mymummyspennies family! Ben loves the wheel around fun set and even after the playmat was damaged he still loves to make his own little roads and courses for the characters! While Elizabeth's favourite has to be the Zooter plush, as she has being carrying around with her everywhere!
I like the fact that there is a selection of different types of toys suitable for a wide age range and going from pocket money items to the larger playsets that would make an ideal birthday gift!
These are really fun toys that encourage imaginative play in both younger toddlers and pre-schoolers, and they aren't likely to break after a few uses (well not the important bits anyway!)

We were set these lovely Jungle Junction toys from flair in exchanging for this review, all opinions are my own.

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